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    Saw it at the Palm CES 2009 conference, and I said "I want that!"... when it came to Mexico I just got it, and I love it!
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    - Vertical slider (I swear to god if Palm ever decides to replace the Pre with a slate I'm leaving)
    - webOS (multitasking, e-mail that actually works unlike the iPhone)
    - QWERTY
    - The fact that it's not an iPhone, so stick it, Steve.
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    1) I was pre-destened to buy a pre.

    2) It was pre-ordained for me.
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    The UI of my iPhone was getting a little dull after almost 2 years and after seeing the Pre's UI at CES and reading up on the device here I figure what the hell. It may have taken two return trips to Best Buy for replacements in the first 30 days but I am very happy with my choice, the phone works great for my needs.
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    I bought my Pre on launch day and it's the first smartphone I've ever owned. Before that, I was stuck with a Motorola Razor...nearly took the plunge with an iPhone, but then got my hands on one and wasn't feeling the UI or bandwagony-type popularity of the device. When I read an article on Palm's showing at CES 2009, I knew that was the phone I wanted. I really wish they had launched so much sooner than they did, but there's not a whole lot that can be done about that now. When I got a hold of my first Pre, I instantly loved the card-based UI and the multitasking the amount of support Palm gives the homebrew community lets me know that they are truly about giving people a phone that goes above and beyond anything Apple or RIM could ever hope to accomplish. And even though I am now waiting for my third replacement Pre, I have no intention of ever using a different OS than WebOS in the future...Now bring on the Pre 2!!!
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    There was nothing out there better than the Pre pound for pound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by konsole View Post
    Here is the spot to tell the forum what compelled you into choosing the Palm Pre phone over all the market competition out there. Were you impressed walking into the store by a salesman's pitch or did you have your facts already googled in advance and know what you wanted? What compelled you to open your wallet for the Pre?

    my reasoning:
    I was not impressed with Apple's iron-fisted app-store policing or the plan prices at AT&T. I was concerned that an android phone wouldn't have long term support for timely updates because it would rest in the hands of handset manufacturers. With the Pre I felt I would get the unified xbox/ps3/wii style of system updates. I felt confident about the linux underpinnings of the Pre and was blown away with the webkit multi-touch, multitasking card-system user interface, notification system, universal search & synergy.
    I was an old-school PalmOS PDA and Smartphone user and an early adopter of Android. I had ditched my Treo 680 for a T-Mobile G1 mostly because I was finding that PalmOS simply wasn't robust enough for a modern smartphone. Besides the feeble browser, I was finding myself repeatedly hard resetting my 680 and reinstalling my applications and in order to keep it stable and functional.

    So I moved on to Android. While I was initially impressed with the G1's hardware and Android operating system, I was hugely disappointed by the poor PIM apps and continued to carry a Palm TX and use it as a PDA alongside my phone. Then as I began installing more apps, the G1 began to slow to a crawl and I became even more unsatisfied with it.

    Then the Pre came out and it was love at third sight. While I had some misgivings about starting over with yet another phone OS, I was reassured by the presence of the Classic PalmOS emulator and eager for a return to the one-handed use that I had loved on my old Treos.
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    Being with Sprint for 9 years, it was time for my next upgrade. I did a few weeks of research and found the Pre to be the smartest smartphone available on Sprint. I didn't even try it out first, I just called and ordered it by phone, and haven't looked back since.
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    I thought I was leaving Palm. I was actually leaning towards the Droid, or waiting for the HTC Incredible. However, my Centro developed problems. I was short on funds, and the $50 Pre Plus (with an upgrade coupon for $25 I got in the mail, making it only costing $25) and the free Mobile Hotspot, followed by a second look at the store, that all sold me. Loving the phone and community so far, and hoping Palm can hold in there. Need to update my sig & avatar.
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    I had the 650, and then the 680. Switched to the iPhone, and enjoyed it. Couldn't stand the crappy service though. So I switched back to Verizon and got the Droid. Didn't like the physical keyboard, but liked the HTC Sense keyboard hack that was available. So I decided to sell the Droid and wait for the HTC Incredible or Nexus One to come to Verizon.

    Got the Pre as a "filler" phone, and now I have no intention of getting the Incredible or Nexus One. I never thought I would come back to Palm, but I'm happy I did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by illskill View Post
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    I wasn't interested in an iPhone because I don't like Apple's walled garden approach and it's too big. I looked at the price and features of the various app phones & plans, and Sprint's plan was clearly a lot cheaper over the long run. Looked at the phones, and the Pre was the only one that would fit in my pocket. I liked the portrait slider configuration, the keyboard, and loved the UI. Other than fewer apps, it was basically superior in every way to every other app phone, for my tastes and needs.
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    Because it may not be God, but it is definitely God like!
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    Ive had and tried for extended periods of time every single Mobile OS available in the US. Palm's WebOS was the last OS on my list . every OS has its pros and cons. ive been loving WebOS for now.
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    Multitasking, Contact and Information Management, Palm loyalty, physical keyboard and iPhone Apple iTunes hatred.
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    always liked palm but never had one. the image of gadgets was perfect but i always had the impression it was aiming geeks, because palm os was a completely different approach and one had to get into first.

    webos again is a all new approach on one hand but on the other hand it feels like you dont have to dig into it, you are into it in 2 seconds. it feels like the first phone that is how phones ment to be.

    all other devices failed for different but obvious reasons.

    the phone and webos may have downsides and there are some issues but the deal still cannot be better.


    its the very only gadget that gives you "most control" demanding the least "efford"

    and a little pathetic and exaggerated:

    it makes you happy and free errrrrrh...
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    Bought a pre (gsm) because when i first saw the mcw 2009 demo of webOS, i immediatly felt in love with it.
    after discovering that webOS run on a linux kernel, I decided to buy
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    My reason: It was the only 'cool' phone coming to Sprint and my Rumor was dying.
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    I purchased my Pre because I was heavily into the product that PALM had given me. MY PALM TX and I were inseperable from the day it launched, and it became my brain for everything. The only thing it couldn't do was make phone calls, and despite the fact that smartphones were springing up all over the place, none had the screen size my TX gave me. When Pre began to be bantered about I had hoped the Pre would carry with it the DateBk program. Unfortunately it didn't and hence the biggest drawback I continue to feel. Otherwise I have been very happy with the Pre, and would hope PALM will give us a better built, faster, WebOS phone in the future.

    Oh did I mention I hated AT&T??
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    I have been with Palm since Zire 31

    PalmOS: Zire71, Clie NX70V, LifeDrive, T|X
    WebOS: VZW Pixi Plus, now VZW PRE 2

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