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    Is anyone else experiencing complete stand-still in Google Maps when you try to search via Universal Search? I had stopped searching via the app and only used Universal Search, but now that appears to be broken. Even then, opening the app itself is almost unbearably slow.

    Conversely, is the Phone app omega-fast for everyone else now? I mean, it opens instantly! It's 95% perfect now (search by typing is still kind of slow, and it doesn't tell you the origin of an area code). Amazing improvement there.
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    ya google maps is wicked slow from universal search, like 15 pulses... I've boycotted it and am now workin with sprint nav until gmaps becomes as quick as android runs it (prolly won't happen tho)
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    Sprint Nav is awful for everything but driving directions. >_<

    I counted the "pulses" on Maps from Universal Search, it's 10-11. Not terrible, but not good when you need those results right away.

    :sigh: Looks like locative features still need a good overhaul...
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    I just keep my google maps open so I never need to wait for it to load. I'm using the Pre Plus though, so dunno if memory will be an issue for you.

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