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    I've been using my pre for about 4 months now and I have couple of problems.

    -theres no back button. its really frustrating having to always swipe away cards all the time just to text someone else

    -you can't change the background (self explanatory, just silly)

    -my girlfriend ellen wont stop calling me because im so hot

    -the camera doesn't do videos

    -on thing thats good tho is that yesterday they patched it so you can use games, or thats what jimmy said anyway

    -theres no frogger

    - one thing thats decent is that it is the same color of iphone sorta which makes the phone sorta cool

    -but the worst part about the phone is you can't buy batteries at the gas station like with gameboys. and when you finally find them they aren't even charged

    -the best part about the phone is the mirror

    -but now my phone has scratches on the mirror so thats the worst part

    -i hate to say it but the pixi is way better than the pre is everyway

    - except the mirror (befor it scratched thats the worst part)

    over all i give th phone 8.7/10 due to lack of function of backwards

    -tricked ya
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    Swipe the black part from the middle to the left. That's your back button. Like really? This was showed to you when you first activated the phone. Did you not pay attention or is inbreeding the culprit in this scenario?

    You made me want to punch a baby.
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    In case things are normally unclear to you, you may need this in the future (but I hope for humanities sake, you don't).

    Quote Originally Posted by Brain_ReCall
    I'm an Embedded Software Engineer. My idea of a Good User Interface is printf().
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    i am not quite sure if you are serious but if you are -- go to the screen and lock and turn on advanced gestures then if you go all the way across the gesture bar you will go back or to the next card with out minimizing

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    Don't worry about Ellen, she calls everyone!!
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    you can't change backgrounds??? well please explain to me why we have a section on this forum called "Palm Pre Wallpapers"?
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    why are you all so mean!

    I am just trying to learn this pos phone bt u all sy its good bout you all r liars to me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    Don't worry about Ellen, she calls everyone!!
    She thinks everyone's hot too.
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    she keeps calling me too... but $20 is still too much!

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