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    So It use to work until and now when you go to turn on the service it just stays at no and you cant turn it on... anyone working on getting it to work with thanks
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    It works just fine on
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    my wifi tethering won't work anymore since the update, just bluetooth, and it's slower!
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    i am using "my tether" app and its working fine. WebOS only fixed a few things that 1.4.1 missed like the preview of the ringtones and such.
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    so is free tether not working for
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    I would realy appreciate a quick note or message sent to me for help , ty
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    Been searching for hours.. and find pdanet is wonderful for the samsung moment.. works like a charm but in need of
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    finding a specific working program for my palm pre , thanks
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    thank you for all the messages, still looking for better info thanks
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    sorry if it seems like im spamming , just trying to figure out what to do

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