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    lol EVO, i hope one of our genius here on Precentral will figure out a way to flash Webos on the evo hardware when it comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solarus View Post
    The Pre+ is a better phone but you have to believe Sprint will get thenext Pre (Pre2?) before Verizon or ATT do. I Given Palm's finances though they may have to drop Sprint as the preferred vendor with and give the next gen Pre t a bigger carrier. I would try to hold off and wait to see what Palm do. If you can't then go with Sprint - they at least give you Premier status so you can get a new phone on the cheap a lot earlier into your contract.
    i'm in no hurry but i agree when the perfect pc of mobile jewerly comes out in the form of the new will be on the sprint network
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    I have the Pre with Sprint, and have not run up against any limitations that the Pre Plus would provide, so I personally don't see where the Pre Plus would be an advantage.

    Comparing the plans, Sprint is so much cheaper, I can't imagine signing a contract with Verizon.

    Having said all this, even though I like my Pre, if I was making a decision today, I would delay until the new WebOS device is released with Sprint to make your decision. Even if you decide the new WebOS is not enough to win you over, it is likely going to push prices down at a minimum. But my bet is, it will be worth considering.

    FYI, we are a 2 Pre family, I bought both of them roughly 3 and 5 months ago, via third parties (paid less than $200 each, in great shape) in anticipation of the next WebOS with Sprint. When it comes out is when I will use my upgrades with any roll out specials.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks for the great advice. much appreciated. i'm leaning toward sprint, because i'll save about $60 a month over a comparable Verizon plan ("unlimited talk", txt, data for 3 Pres). Can buy a lot of stuff with $60. Like a touchstone charger, extra battery, apps, etc. Hopefully their coverage is good where i live in Chicago.
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    You can go on Sprint . Com and look at the coverage in your area, I think through zip code. Sprint rocks. Moved over from at&t because my monthly bill was about $150 for minutes, unlmt texts. Sprint bill is $90 for 900 anytime, unlmted text, data and any mobile to mobile. I don't even get close to 900min because of the any mobile deal. Could save $$ if I chose to get less minutes. The only advantage Verizon has is the Mobile hotspot, but I suspect Sprint will wisen up and offer it soon enough.
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    I would have some patience and wait for the pre2
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    If you are a frequent user of navigation, then go with Sprint and the Pre. Sprint Nav is the best and it's free.
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    i absolutely HATE Verizon's customer service. i have them for internet and tv and can not wait to get rid of them. if Sprint buckled and i had to go elsewhere i would goto AT&T or T-Mobil.

    Sprints's customer service ok id dont really have a complaint, but the best part is if you dont get what you want you can just call some one else and they will help you.

    that and Sprint is way cheaper and the GPS rocks
    Pre be with you.

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