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    So heres my problem. I dropped my pre today and cracked my screen! Now I can only make phone calls by typing in a name and hitting enter but really cant do anything else. So what would you guys do? I can spend 100 on a new pre but im up for a new phone in june. Also im thinking the htc evo will come out soon and I will want that. Whats worst is if palm announces a super pre in june i will also want that. Should I spend the cash on a new pre or wait a little while to see whats going to be the next best thing? When do you guys think the new phones will come around?
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    You should buy the replacement simply because the earliest the evo could be out would be 2 months away and that's an awful long time to be using a barely functioning phone
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    I guess you could use an older functioning phone for a while until something comes along.

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