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    Hello all, first post/question here. I am looking to get my first smartphone and i am looking at pre plus with vzw while waiting for HTC incredible. My brother has a droid and it works very well for web surfing, but webOS just looks better even though some say esthetics have nothing to do with function. I know android phone is like a computer and maybe better machine, but i still like the way webos looks.

    I do not do facebook much (yet), no tweeter, very little email, not much calander usage. I will be getting one for mainly web surfing and hotspot function.

    So, how is Pre for web browsing? Small screen compared to droid bothers me quite a bit.

    Also, about hotspot. I have basic DSL 1.5M speed only. I don't need faster speed because we don't download anything. Will hotspot be fast enough for us to cancel DSL? I know we will not go over 5G limit, not even close.

    Thank you all for your time.
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    I love my pre for web browsing, and i have also used the droid quite a bit and i can honestly say they are about equal.
    as far as your internet speeds go, i get about 1.1 to 1.6 mbps download speeds, but it really depends on signal strength. I have played games such as modern warfare 2 on my laptop while tethering and i dont see much difference between that and my home internet
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    The pre like most modern smartphones has a webkit based browser so it can render pages fully and is a great browsing device
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    In most instances the Pre has replaced my laptop for web browsing. Also, it might not seem like a big issue but the font style of the Pre is great for reading and actually quite nice. If you are comfortable adding patches there is a browser "mega mix" patch that will expand the browser to take full advantage of all screen real estate.
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    Lol @ "tweeter". The begining of a geeker begins....
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    Thank you all, i might go to Costco tomorrow and pick it up. it says costco cellphone return is 90 days, so i will try if it's really 90 days.
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    I don't know if this is a general android feature or if it was specific to those android phones w/HTC sense, but one thing I really liked about the HTC Hero was the way it dynamically reformatted fonts so that if you pinched in on text, it you wouldn't have to scroll right/left to see what was written. It wrapped the text so that you could see it. Check out the 1:30 mark of this video:

    If the droid does this, too, I'd count that as a non-trivial advantage.

    That said, browsing w/multiple cards is (IMHO) better than the way droid does it.
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    the pre has the closest browser to the iphone but lacks in options vs android, especially 2.1. I still would choose the pre'd browser over android for speed alone. The only thing about the pre's browser I don't like is text size and no intelligent zoom.
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    Just to balance this out...

    I haven't done a lot of browsing with the Droid, but I have to say that browsing on something like the Pre with the small screen is something I only do when I do not have access to my laptop system. Maybe you just have to have younger eyes to deal with the miniature pages.

    I have used an iPod Touch and the bigger screen is definitely an improvement for me, but I just don't think I would ever want to use something with a screen smaller than the iPad for web browsing.
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    I've used my gf's HTC Hero for web browsing, and the browser KILLS ME. I hate using it so very much. It's slow and clunky. Coming from a Windows Mobile phone, I know what bad mobile web browsing is like, and Android definitely fits in the same category.

    I LOVE the Pre's browser. It is easy, fast, beautiful, and sexy. When it gets the flash plugin, it'll be even more wonderful.
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    as far as the mobile hotspot replacing the dsl, remember with verizon, if you get a phone call, your internet will be disconnected until you hang up.
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    I really like the browser on the pre IMO
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    I think browsing on the pre is awesome, but with one caveat!!!

    Make sure you install the fullscreen browser patch (called "mega mix").

    This phone should come with that patch built in, it makes the Internet experience VASTLY better. You get a significant amount of additional screen real estate by getting rid of the curvy edges and top bar, without sacrificing usability. It single-handedly took my pre web experience from underwhelming to happy!

    Anyone not already using this patch really should try it out. I consider it a must-have.

    Also, the ad blocker patch is a really nice piece of work. Put together you've got a seriously powerful piece of hardware with very few issues (most of the browser display issues I had early on have been fixed by 1.4, it's about as perfect as I can ask it to be and will be even better once flash finally lands).

    Here's an example of the difference this patch makes:
    With the patch:

    Without the patch:

    It'd be better if I had shots before/after of the same screen I suppose, but my point here is just how much additional real-estate you gain. It's night and day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    Make sure you install the fullscreen browser patch (called "mega mix").
    +1, super patch that palm need's on next update
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    I browse and read on my Pre constantly and love it. I find myself sitting on the couch using my Pre with my laptop sitting right next to me. The 800 Mhz patch doesn't hurt either.
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    you do get checkerboxing if you scroll quickly, but it tends to redraw quickly. Otherwise it's a pretty amazing mobile web browsing experience.
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    very good web browser on the pre. i would assume, now that the newer androids have multitouch support, that it would be good too though.

    well have fun with the pre if you do indeed decide to get one. i highly recomend using patches and homebrew if you do get the pre. webOS is WAY better with patches. and if your your not too worried about decrease your phone life a bit, i highly recommend installing the overclock kernal. its very easy and makes webos run much smoother
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    you owned all those palm

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