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    The reason I said what I said is because I currently work at RadioShack (college kid, dont ever work here it sucks. Counting down the days till my internship starts and I can quit.)

    Actually I was the only one at my store who owned a Palm Pre and was the only one who sold them. I would put out 2-3 of them a week. You know what sucks though? They would get returned about 40% of the time because people found out how crappy the hardware was. While I enjoyed showing people the OS I made it clear every time that the hardware would not take heavy abuse like some of the other phones we sold do.

    Now that we are selling the iPhone I am required to push the iPhone on every person who comes in the store, cell phone customer or not. Suckssss. Tbh now that I've gotten to spend time with the iPhone it really doesn't impress me.

    I think if palm made a slab full touchscreen WebOS phone with GOOD, SOLID, HARDWARE like the iPhone (even the biggest webos koolaid drinkers have to admit iphones hardware is lightyears ahead of palms.) I would buy it in an instant and would be more than happy to sell it.

    All that being said, I hated it when customers interrupted my cell phone conversations. I have lost sales because some misinformed person would decide to chime in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerotide View Post
    Really? I think its pretty nervy to **** in on someones conversation then make yourself look like an a*s.
    If I were getting incorect information from a salesperson I would absolutely want someone to step in and correct them!
    Long Live Palm
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