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    Well today about an hour ago, I finally got my first smartphone, the Pre Plus! It is charging now, but I am so excited .

    I will continue to post here to share my experiences from going to a dumb phone to this amazing piece of tech.

    One random question that I have is the function of locking. So right now I have my Pre charging and when I first tried it out in the car, it wanted me to press the unlock bottom and swipe it up. I really liked doing this but it seems to no longer do so. I turn of the screen by clicking the power button on top and I turn it back on by clicking the power button as well.
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    Welcome to WebOS!

    The Pre should lock itself after a certain amount of time.
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    The Pre will not lock when charging.
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    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!

    Yes, as you noticed the screen lock does not turn on while charging...maybe somebody else has an explanation as to why?
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    and no the phone wont lock while its charging unless you charge it on the touchstone, then it will lock, why? i have no freaking idea lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by foosball View Post
    Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
    OP, you might wanna put on ur seatbelt, it gets pretty wild sometimes.
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    the phone will not require a unlock if it's slid open or charging.
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    Welcome to the world of webOS.

    It is something you will truly enjoy. You've got lots of reading up to do but do not let any negative comments discourage you.

    I'm glad to see some sales moving out on Verizons end.
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    Congrats on the new phone OP!! Welcome to your new addiction: WebOS! Once it's charged, you are going to have a hard time putting it down!
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    Just got my Pre as well.

    I am already looking to patch my Pre for the 800MHz overclocking.
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    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC Mogul (*****!) > HTC Touch Pro (***** squared!) > PRE! > Epic
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    Welcome to the partay!
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    Welcome!! Patch away, its so much fun!
    How many times have you seen the Dr.?
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    Yea, I think I am going to wait on the patches for a bit. Then eventually ease into them. One other question I had.

    I just connected my Pre to my Home's Wi-fi. However, How can you tell if your Pre is using the Wi-fi instead of Verizon's network?
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    If it's on wifi you will see 3 curves in the top right corner instead of EV
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    welcome to the addiction!
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    Also, just want to warn you, the battery needs to go thru some cycles, so don't be alarmed the first couple days. Welcome to Precentral!
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    Welcome to webOS to the new Pre owners, and welcome to what will sure become your new Pre-Occupation
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    Well I have the wifi bars and the ev symbol, I also can't tell if the phone is using the wifi or not.

    the battery life seems pretty good so far, not as bad as everyone else has claimed.
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    ^ The wifi bars light up and the Ev icon goes away when you're using wifi.
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