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    I get the error "There was a problem playing the file" from my browser or podcast subscription on DrPodder for files from (Sorry I can't post the exact link; just look under the audio/video section)

    Can someone else try it and let me know if it's just me or is it something with the files themselves?

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    It happens both in my browser and in DrPodder. I used to be able to, but not any more.
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    Do you have a link to the specific feed and which version of drPodder are you using?
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    I have the HB version of DrPodder 0.6.6
    As far as an exact link, I can't post that yet do to the forum restriction, but I know it happens to all the MP3's posted on that site.
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    Hey preandpixifan,

    Could you use the "Report a Problem" menu choice in drPodder to send that URL to

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    I just did that...thanks. Only I don't think it's a problem with DrPodder since I get an error in my browser too. Could it have something to do with the file names?
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    Do you think Palm will be fixing this any time soon?
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    Here is the actual link

    Can anyone else stream this MP3 on their webos device?
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    I was hoping 1.4.5 would fix this issue, but unfortunately, it's still with us.

    Here's a current example

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