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    I always type in "apps" for the app catalog but it doesnt bring up the app catalog. You need to just type in "app". In other apps such as "Messaging" you can type in "text" or "sms" and it will work. It makes sense to add "apps" as an acceptable entry for the app store.
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    Palm has a special Feedback & Features link for requests.

    EDIT: I just tried typing APP and it brought up the App Catalog.. so I guess I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for... Hmmmm
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    Thanks! I submitted it. Does anyone else type in "apps"? Or am I alone on this one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttremblay View Post
    Thanks! I submitted it. Does anyone else type in "apps"? Or am I alone on this one?
    Never get a chance to, because by the time I've typed "a p p" I get the App Catalog and AppScoop to choose from. Note that I don't necessarily type quite as quickly when I'm doing universal search as I'm capable with my Pre's keyboard.
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    Typing in "app" will bring up the app store. It's almost like adding calendars to bring up the calendar application. We can't put every possible derivation into the phone to pull up applications, but we try to incorporate the most used terms.

    I'm not trying to discourage your or say that "apps" won't be included, just providing some personal feedback.
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