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    My pre updated by itself over night last week and messed up my sms tone per contact patch. it would not work but showed up in patch list, could not update or remove. I ran EPR and repair utility and it finally removed but still cannot get it to install. It says "ignoring hunks".
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    yeah i've had problems with it also, still can't update it. everytime there's an update to webos it seems like this patch is always the last to get fixed lol...i don't mind though cuz it's prob one of my favorite patches...just sucks waiting. i think i read somewhere that there was a way to get it to install but i didn't get to try it out and havent seen anything since.
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    this happen to me and I ran epr like you but it worked. But before I ran epr I ran the patch migration and then emergency reconstuction. Then I did epr and I was able to install the tones per contact again.
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    i got the sms tone patch out by epr but i still have another one that is stuck on stupid.. timestamps-fancy.

    wont update.. wont uninstall.. wont work. lol

    any ideas?
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    it wont let me epr wont uninstall.
    can some please give me a step by step how to remove it please

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    You could try Jason's Repair Utility. Do a search for it. It's around here somewhere.

    If not, a full erase from the device will clean it all (this also removes everything else from both USB and Phone partitions). You'll end up with your Pre like it was out of the box in terms of software. Make sure you pull any photos/media etc that you want to keep BEFORE you do a full erase because all of your information from your USB side will get wiped.
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    anyone get this to work or uninstall?

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