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    The only thing left that would make my Pre perfect for me is an app or a patch that would allow me to connect remotly to my windows based computer. Any apps out there that can do that? I cannot find any.
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    I've waited almost a year for a RDP client. Doesn't make sense there isn't one yet.
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    yeah its pretty lame there is not one. Best solution i found is Classic + PalmVNC.
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    there is one, its called remotewin, its in the app catalog, but it sucks
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    yes, i didnt include that because it uses its own 'server'

    palm vnc was great because the computer uses a standard VNC server (i prefer ultra vnc), connectable by your phone or any other computer running a standard VNC client.
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    RemoteWin sucks, I paid 10 for it ?d it does not work most of the time. I found Classic and PalmVNC and have been using it for weeks now.
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    VNC Client PDK is available for free in the app catalog.

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