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    I have 3 touchstones and am seeing this on all of them.

    When at 100%, the phone apparently continues to charge, and is very warm. While below that and charging, temperature is normal. Shouldn't the charge cycle stop or trickle when it gets to 100%?

    Another serious problem I had the other day is the phone got HOT while on the touchstone, and was not charging. It may have actually been discharging. This happened on 2 of my touchstones. A shutdown and battery pull seems to have addressed it.

    The second problem worries me, as I certainly don't want my pre burning down my house over night!!!

    Is it just time for a new battery? Do I have a defective touchstone back? Any other ideas, and is anybody else having these intermittent charging/heat problems?
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    Is that reading of 100% taken with the "Battery Monitor" app? Because with the stock reading your Pre reads 100% it may actually be between 95% to 100%.
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    I've got the same problem. My Pre goes sporadically from "charging" back to not charging while sitting on the touchstone. If I turn the phone to landscape the problem goes away. So I have no idea why this problem is occurring. Seems to me that Palm has continuity of quality issues in their manufacturing. (Not what I want to say as I'm a Palm fan.)

    Anyway, short of returning your touchstone, touchstone back or getting a new battery -- all a lot of work for a problem that may persist regardless -- I have a remedy that is a jerry-rigged fix (which also bothers me that I can't actually fix it).

    I unplug the power from the touchstone and plug in my power cord directly into the side of my Pre... then I put it on the touchstone. Sucks I know. But I don't have the time to run around returning things. In essence my touchstone has become a $50 magnetized Pre stand only. It beats having my notification area flicker on and off the "charging" message!

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