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    i wouldn't waste my money on this app they just did the initial development on it and sold a lot in the app store and have done nothing with it. they have not replied to emails, they have not updated app, they say The following is the list of features planned for next release:

    1. Export photos back to file system
    2. Email photos from App
    3. Apply as Wallpaper
    4. Ability to mass export copy back to PC/Mac
    5. Import multiple photos

    but they havn't done anything since jan. and it says on there site update in 2-3 doesn't work now the encrypting just goes on and on, it hasn't worked after the 1.4.

    another question is why would they have it to apply as wallpaper if you want the pic. hidden in the photosafe? lol
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    LoL, you use Photosafe and ur name is THE PERVSTER.
    You just can't make this stuff up.

    Photosafe still works for me.
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    would there be a way to import a folder of images into the app by moving it somewhere in the internalz app?

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