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    I saw today that there is now an Android deposit app for USAA in addition to the iPhone one.

    I know, I know, it's cuz of the fixed-focused camera lens.

    Still makes me a bit sad

    (mostly cuz it really coulda came in helpful last weekend)
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    I have asked USAA if they were going to develop the App for Pre but no reply from them yet. I hope that they take the Pre seriously and begin developing one.
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    It just makes me wonder why Palm went with a fixed focused camera in the first place. Are they considerably less expensive? Is WebOS not able to handle autofocus capabilities?
    Who knows.
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    I love USAA, the mobile site is nice, but limited obviously. I'll send in a request for a native app too. Maybe if they get enough they will take a look at the Pre/Pixi.
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    I just took a picture of a check and its clearly legible, not perfect. I don't know how good a picture is needed. I assume the software does a little OCR to compare to the amount entered for the deposit?

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