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    First, I would like to apologize if this is a redundant question. Anyway, I am currently in the market for new SmartPhone. My Treo Pro is starting to act up and I can't live a minute without a SmartPhone.

    Currently, I am with T-Mobile and I don't see myself switching to a different provider because the plan that I got is too good to let go. The coverage that I'm getting is good enough that moving to a different provider wouldn't matter. With that being said, I am almost tempted on going with Android but I still don't see a device that's similar to Palm which is a portrait QWERTY keyboard. I really like the idea of being able to type one-handed and a full touch screen is NOT an option (I have tried iPhone in the past and I just couldn't type on that thing efficiently compared to my Treo Pro).

    I really like the idea of Palm Pre but it's not available for T-Mobile. And that leads me to my question. I know that there were rumors that T-mobile would get a Pixi-like WebOS phone but what really are the chances of T-Mobile getting a WebOS device? And if they are getting something, what would be the most ideal time when that's going to happen? Would it be woth waiting for a T-mobile WebOS or should I really decide on leaving Palm and just go with Android?

    Any information or advice would greatly be appreciated.


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    Well I don't see any reason for a webos device not to be on T-mobile since one has been announced for the 3 other major carriers but if you must get a new device asap I would say to buy an unlocked gsm pre on ebay
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    What I am interested in is a T-Mobile 3G Capable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmanapat View Post
    What I am interested in is a T-Mobile 3G Capable.
    T-mobile doesn't have a custom protocol for their network. If you get an unlocked GSM device, you should be able to connect it.

    Unfortunately, In the US so far the Pre and Pixie are only out on Sprint and Verizon; both are CDMA networks, so even if you got a device unlocked, it would be incompatible.

    I suggest giving Sprint a closer look.
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    Hi Russell, are you in the UK?

    If so, we have many many users on this forum who are using a Pre on T-Mobile UK.

    Have a look at the YouTube video here to see it in action yourself:

    ...and yes, 3G compatibility is not an issue. I am using a Pre on Orange UK with 3G, whilst others are using their Pre with Vodafone UK on 3G as well as Virgin Mobile on 3G too.

    What you should do is upgrade on T-Mobile to the best handset you can get (probably a Desire) and sell that (seems to be lots of demand for it), with the money you obtain, buy a Pre and use that on T-Mobile. Best of both worlds.

    Of course, if you're not in the UK, ignore my comments .
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    Sorry, I'm in US.
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    You might be able to buy a UK GSM Pre or Pixi and get it working... but that's a big might.

    If the portrait keyboard is what you're after, though... have you looked at a Blackberry?
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    There were murmurs of a TMobile webOS phone before. I am not sure if they are one of the carriers who withdrew their orders. From Rubenstein's last interview, it seems their carrier relationships are still strong so i have a felling TMobile will carry a WebOS phone right after AT&T.
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    I'm thnking ebay for now
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    First of all... you can stick with T-Mobile, but you won't be able to use 3G with any of the unlock phones that you'll have to pirate from another country. The U.S. uses different UMTS bands, so you'd have to stick with 2G if you bought a foreign Pre.

    Second of all... how could your T-Mobile plan possibly be any better than what Sprint offers???

    With Sprint, $60/mo gets you the EPRP plan, which includes unlimited calls (only 500 min for landline calls during weekdays, tho... but who really uses more than 500 min for landline calls during weekdays??), texts, data, gps, espn live games, etcetera. If you can possibly get a corporate discount at 15% or greater (not difficult whatsoever)... then you can actually pay less than $60/mo *and* get new customer pricing EVERY year, instead of every other year like all the other carriers.

    What is it again that's causing you to stick with T-Mobile, who doesn't even have a third of the call quality/coverage that Sprint has??

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