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    scaling app in preware?
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    800 works nice here, phone gets hot when streaming audio, but it also did without overclocking
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    Had 800 working fine for about a week on O2 UK. Then realised there was the scalar app. Had a few lock ups since installing the scalar app, scaling 250 - 800.
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    Running @720.
    Seems my battery got even better than before, although I'm not sure that's even possible.
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    Running @ scaling 720-250 - works like a charm!
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    I have had the 550 running for a couple of days... was a bit nervous about doing anything like this to the phone as I have no idea exactly what it does to the internals. It's been fine and noticed a minor increase in speed in app opening.

    Going to try the 600 this evening, I want to wait until after work as when I installed the 550 my phone kept losing signal and going into sim lock for about an hour afterwards. Is this a normal effect?

    Also can someone explain the scaling patch? And is it worth using at 600mhz?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    Hey, I'm in australia but i'm using a spanish gsm pre. i'm using cpuscaler at 600mhz and it seems to be working fine. it's noticeable... not dramatic, but noticeable.
    I'm getting tempted to try the 720... i'm just gonna wait longer and see whose pres fry first.
    600 is safe, as i understand it, as it's actually a 600mhz chip. palm just underclocks them to 500.
    also i believe it can improve (or at least not decrease) battery life because it scales, i.e. when idle 125mhz, when in use 600/720/800. while i think by default pre runs at 500 all the time? (not very efficient).
    Me too exactly the same! Also in Aus.
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    Another O2 UK here. Worked perfectly on 800mhz except for tethering with Mobile Hotspot. Have taken it off for now because I'm using Mobile Hotsport more than usual for a few weeks. Will have it back on after though.


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    i actually got rid of scaling, because i'm totally obsessive and was always wondering if it was really going as fast as it needed to (rather than 250/500/550), kept checking... i'm neurotic.

    so i just installed the straight 600 all-the-time ipk and i'm happy. as i've said before it's noticeable... not amazing but noticeable.

    i stop short of overclocking because... well, it's overclocking. i'm happy just to run at the cpu's factory speed (600).

    edit: also, even without scaling (running at 600 full time) i haven't noticed any battery diff. it's only 100mhz after all. i'm willing to bet running at 400 wouldn't give much difference the other way either.
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    Any comments from long time 800 overclocking users??
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    Quote Originally Posted by davejaman View Post
    Any comments from long time 800 overclocking users??
    yep - i've been overclocking @ 800 since the patch came out - well over a couple of months & its by far the best patch for the palm (not scaling - what's the point?).

    my pre is faster (sooooo fast), more robust (it doesn't show too many cards error much) & doesn't get hot (even if it did you can always remove).

    so what if the chip burns up a bit quicker? The build quality of my 02 gsm pre is so poor the hardwares going to die first (not helped by me riding over it)

    dive in the waters lovely.

    oh - and make sure you support the devs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennish View Post
    600 is safe, as i understand it, as it's actually a 600mhz chip. palm just underclocks them to 500.

    also i believe it can improve (or at least not decrease) battery life because it scales
    Can anyone actually prove or at least confirm this?
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    Holy thread necromancy, batman!

    what do you want proven/corroborated? The OMAP 3430 chip in a Pre/Pre Plus natively runs at 600 MHz, correct. Overclocking might have an impact on battery life, but I'm at 1GHz and a battery charge floats me for a day, so I'm not complaining.
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    Same here, German 02 Pre @ 1GHz
    battery life w/o significant change.
    for me, wifi have more impact than overclocking
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    Are you guys talking about this specific overclock only? Because I've been using my O2 UK Pre+ at 1ghz for about 2 months with no problems, feels like a whole different phone, on par with all the latest models.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowning73 View Post
    Can anyone actually prove or at least confirm this?
    I can't believe it. You started this thread in April and still haven't overclocked. Go on, be a devil, have a go. I have been running 500Hz/1GHz since it was available in Uberkernel and I don't see much difference in battery useage. But WOW, what a difference in performance.
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    I've overclocked to 720MHz since it's available (fixed at first, on demand 500-720 +24Mb CC since it's possible).

    I had Problems with my GSM-module with the first fixed 800MHz patch (bad reception), but Uberkernel does not cause any Problems.
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