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    Hello to all !!

    I can proudly write that without much hassle, I managed to make my SIM card work on Palm Pre.

    Of course in my country and for my carrier (VIPnet, Croatia) Palm Pre is not available...

    What I did was - first I put SIM card from another carrier from my country (T-Mobile) to get through the profile activation process.

    Then I put my VIPnet SIM card into the phone and I got it working - only phone and SMS features.

    Then I activated the Developer Mode (type webos20090606) and click the icon shown and press ON. Restart will be needed.
    After that, using WebOS QuickInstall, I took CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 from the phone, updated it with SQLLite Browser, and placed the file back to the phone.

    Restart the phone, and then I just had to manually add network parameters ( in the phone configuration.

    Now the fun starts
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    Well done mate!

    Can you give a bit more detail? Where on the phone does CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 live? Also, what are the names for the network parameters (

    Also, do you think we could do this with Vodafone SIMs for O2 Pres allowing us to ditch the Rebel SIM cards?

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