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    Is anyone else having problems with the USB cord falling apart near the head? This is the THIRD one Ive had (not to mention 5th separate Pre itself) Im really getting kinda tired of replacing, purchasing and everything else that has so far been associated with the Pre.

    My overall view of the phone is, without the bugs (speaker fix I see posted happened, and NOTHING fixed it) it is a really cool phone and concept, but there is too many issues.

    Whats the latest and greatest comin out soon?
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    I just bought my third on. First phone though. And trust that she's been though a lot.

    as far as the cord goes this isn't that uncommon. My old zune cords got messed up pretty quickly as well.
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    No problem here, but I leave my cords plugged into my Touchstones. I don't hook my Pre to my computer often, but I have an extra retractable cord sitting around here for that anyway.

    Be sure that when you are plugging and unplugging your cords that you're not pulling on the wire part, just on the head part. Never pull on the wire part of any cords.
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    ouch, did not know that this was a problem since this is the first tI'me im hearing this. The OEM pre cord seams to be made pretty good and looks good quality.
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    I've never had a USB cable fall apart on me. Maybe you're being a little rough with them?
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    Hapened to mine, bought some cheap chinese chords that work perfectly. The chinese ones seem to be built with harder rubber on the ends so this hasn't been a problem with them. And yeah I'm pretty rough with it.

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