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    Hi everybody. I'm using a Pre Plus with no patches, modifications, etc.

    I shot an approximately one-minute-long video of my daughter the other day using the Pre. When I went back to review the video, it looked as though it stopped recording at 29 seconds. I thought I must have mistakenly hit the record button and stopped the video prematurely.

    However, when I uploaded the video to Facebook, the entire video reappeared, only the sound cut off at the 29 second mark. And I'm still not able to see the entire video on my Pre.

    Has anybody else had this issue?
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    you don't have to start 2 threads asking the same question.
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    I had a few problem where my sound did not match the specific video rate that it was intended for, so the video looked kinda like lips moving but with the sound being a huge delay behind it
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    Sorry about that, I was getting a 504 error, and didn't realize it had posted already.
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    That 504 thing, something needs to be done about that cause i been getting it a lot lately
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    i get the 504 at ~1:20-40 am est every night lol..
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    Quote Originally Posted by cursiv View Post
    i get the 504 at ~1:20-40 am est every night lol..
    +1 around this time
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    I've had similar issues where videos were weird on the Pre but played elsewhere with no sound. I've also had out of sync sound/video. As well as videos failing to record. The list goes on. Obviously it still needs some work. But when it does work, takes such nice videos!

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