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    I work at a fast food restaurant. Saw a customer with a Pre. Talked to him. He said he likes the phone, but wishes its volume would be louder to hear the callers better.
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    I just met the 2nd person with a Pre, other than myself yesterday. Turns out a co-worker, who's on dayshift, has one as well. As I was sitting at a desk doing some paperwork before I started the night, he noticed my phone sitting there and asked what I was doing with his phone, then he noticed the theme and realized it wasn't his. He was still running a stock phone, no Preware, patches, OCing etc. We exchanged our views, both agreeing it had it's shortfalls. He seemed to be a little hesitant installing Preware & patches etc, with regards to warranty, bricking etc, but said he had no problem hacking his PS3 and XBOX. That kind of made me laugh... He was aware of this site and had read about it, just hadn't gotten around to it.

    Had this phone since Jan 2010 and that's the 3rd (including mine) Pre I've run into.
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