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    yeah i like the email idea also, but we might **** him off with the flood lol. I wonder if HardBeatz would be interested in drooping Jon's email. i know its out their some where but don't really wanna look for it lol
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    Palm should celebrate by launching a new phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmogren View Post
    Palm should celebrate by launching a new phone.
    Oh yeah by total surprise also where it is already at the store also the next day, i can dig it lol
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    i like the email thing..... but if anyone has noticed, engadget has actually been talking the pre up pretty good, maybe we should flood engadget with emails pointing out the strong points of the pre and pixi and how palm has started the smartphone and continues to be the true smartphone. best ui, best multitasking, synergy, great games, business apps, etc. we could start a thread, or poll and have a mod post it up front with what we want it to be and then complete it all together, organized like we have been doing with voting. maybe even have a list of all the tech sites and all the business/news sites. if we showed that much organization and didnt include jon and he just got a "hey check this out" from someone unrelated, i would love to see his face.

    im sure with that much flooding to the analysts and such they would realize it is more than just a viable platform and we would probibly get some really good press on it, which the more we get on webos the better for everyone. i mean for everyone, even apple realizes that palm has a great os.

    a letter from the people in the community, 1000s of us, telling the world, webos is here to stay, and everyone else should check it out.
    Palm prē-ist.
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    news broadcasts on every station used to say "and the buzz on the internet has been quite active today, and people are talking about ...."

    fan made free press. and we could include the fan made youtube videos so they could post/ show them for the story.
    Palm prē-ist.
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