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    yes sirs. I have 1.411 with 800 patch and scaling between 250 & 800. Battery temp patch in device menu tells me 106.
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    thats like 41C which is below what is warned in the thread/patch. dont sweat it.
    This is the exact reason i didnt get the F version of this patch. If it goes above 113 take it off the touchstone and let it cool down.

    And imho this has hardly anything to do with the scaling. it happened before i OC'd mine anyways.
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    i thought it was 106 C...I was gonna tell you to run and go get the fire extinguisher and a big bucket of water....and a fireman suit!...Yeah 106 F isnt bad.
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    Mine got up to 125F on the first day I had it and it wasn't overclocked...
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    if it was 106C, the phantom skinz cover would have liquified, and the touchstone would have prob melted. The pRE? a pile of sand rubble...

    thanks all

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