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    Quote Originally Posted by raines43 View Post
    In a meeting yesterday, 1 Nokia dumb phone user who hadn't managed to get any of her music onto it in the 2 months she'd owned it and an LG Viewty user looking for a new, non iPhone, touchscreen phone. Showed them the Pre and they both asked who made it, when I said Palm they both thought all Palm made was Palm Pilot PDAs. Both loved it after they'd had a quick play and the LG user was going to check 02 out for deals on one.
    There are some great deals on O2.

    Apart from the Blackberry and the iPhone (which you have to pay towards), they only have the HTC HD2 (which you have to pay towards and as far as I was concerned looked the size of a brick in the shop, not like the nobby Pre).

    The Pre comes free.

    I've got mine on a 24 month deal (I change phones rarely, I've had my last about 4 years).

    Now for only 10 more than before I have unlimited internet access including access to the O2 Cloud wifi network and unlimited texts (but only 100 mins talktime..I rarely use my phone to talk to people).

    I just wish O2 would push it more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hockey4life0099 View Post
    most people today only know of 3 smartphones
    1) iphone
    2) droid (due to verizons ad blitz)
    3) blackberry (except nobody knows the exact model)

    also most people do not understand the concept of android. they just cannot understand that it is an os that runs on multiple platforms.
    Everything said in this post is exactly how my friends are.
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    a lot of support from the homebrew company, not from palm, WebOs is awesome, but it doesn't have support from major developers, and it lacks support from it's own company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pawdog View Post
    ... I think people just know about what they see advertised. I don't even see that people differentiate smart phone from any other phone except one cost more and it has internet. The other doesn't. That's pretty much what I thought.
    Some brands become so ubiquitous that the category as a generic whole becomes known by that particular brand name. Jell-O, Xerox, and Band Aid come to mind right off the bat. Even iPod is used as a generic term for mp3 players now. I've even heard some people refer to soft drinks generically as Coke. Confused me when they asked if I wanted a Coke and then asked me what kind and started rattling off root beer, orange, Dr. Pepper, etc. iPhone is probably well on it's way to becoming the ubiquitous cell phone brand
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    It's amazing to me that Palm -didn't- manage to capture this sort of ubiquitous name-recognition considering the massive headstart they had on the whole smartphone movement.

    I guess it goes to show you being first doesn't always translate to being popular. Then again, the old Palm's were clunky nerdy-looking devices (and I mean no disrespect by this). Apple has masterfully captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere by taking that clunky smartphone and turning it into an object of desire. I -hate- apple as a company thanks to their locked-in policies and yet the very first time I saw an iphone I was in absolute awe. The interface was slick, the device looked and acted practically magical. I was locked into a contract when it was released or I'd have bought it on the spot. This is completely different then my experience seeing my first palm smartphone (oh, nifty, it's like a little PDA that makes phone calls, look at all those little buttons on that brick).

    Now that's not to say the palm pre isn't a magical piece of technology. I love it's multitasking and OS and Palm's embracement of the homebrew community is practically unheard of in the world of technology. Trouble is, by the time the Pre was released, it was a "me too" phone. Iphone beat the pre to the punch and Apple's masterful advertising and brand awareness made it the image of what people think of when they think "smart phone".

    The app store really put the nail in the coffin though. I remember my primary reason to not buy a mac back-in-the-day was apple's locked-in software model. You had limited options for programs, whereas normal windows computers had a nearly limitless amount of programs to choose from. I get the feeling apple learned from this mistake and pressed app development early on for the Iphone. By getting such a massive headstart apple put themselves in the position of "nearly limitless software options". Pre, once again, is outclassed by a very very wide margin in this regard. Palm is very much like the Mac of old, with a small locked-in development community making apps that -only- work on the palm pre (without porting that is). Apple has too much of a headstart for palm to ever hope of catching up.

    I've been thinking about a possible solution to at least that last problem for the next palm phone, providing Palm actually releases a next-gen phone. WebOS and Android are both based upon Linux. It couldn't, therefor, be all that difficult to give WebOS the ability to run Android-based apps. By opening up webos to android apps you gain a massive boost to your available applications and gain a huge development community for free. This in my mind is the only way to match Apple and it's app catalog. The next palm phone doesn't need to run android (WebOS is awesome), but it NEEDS to find a way to run android app's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    Trouble is, by the time the Pre was released, it was a "me too" phone. Iphone beat the pre to the punch and Apple's masterful advertising and brand awareness made it the image of what people think of when they think "smart phone".

    I agree 100%. i cant tell you how many times someones seen me using my pre's touchscreen and ask "did you get an iphone?"
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