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    Unfortunately it appears that my screen has died. Periodically over the past two weeks the screen would take a second or two to turn on, and sometimes it would turn on very dimly. Now, it will not turn on for anything. I was able to connect it to my laptop and backup my USB partition. Funny thing is that before I put it into USB mode I took a screenshot (Orange+Sym+P) and the screen shot looks great on the USB partition (even with all the SMS, email and facebook notifications I can't get to ).

    Here are my three questions:

    1) I have not power cycled the Pre yet to see if this can resolve the issue. I knew it was still running because the light was flashing (it is a Sprint Pre) and I received several phone calls via the Bluetooth in the Tahoe I am driving). How do you power cycle the Pre if you can't see the UI? Is just pulling the battery the only way? I hate to do a "hard reset" like that, but is their any other option? Is Orange+Sym+R enough? That will restart the Pre, but will not completely power it down will it?

    2) I have quite a few patches installed. If I take my USB partition and copy it onto a new phone, then install Preware via WOSQI will Preware recognize the .webosinternals.patches.packages file and allow me to reinstall easily (or is it all manual)?

    3) Since I haven't rebooted yet I don't know if that will allow the screen to work again. Given the history I have had with this, I would like to have it replaced by Sprint. What if I reboot and the screen comes back on and won't "not work" when I take it to the Sprint store. Will it depend on the employee as to whether they believe me or not that it has stopped functioning?

    Thanks in advance!!
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    1. It just restarts it, like you would restart a PC. It fully powers down, but then sends the reset signal to the hardware to boot back up.

    2. Sorry, I don't know.

    3. Don't know. But if it's working perfectly in the Sprint store I can't see why they'd take it back.

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