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    i dont have a pre, but i do it with the emulator. when in launcher if you click an icon on the top row while its like half off the screen i get a white sunburst at the bottom that goes away after like 4 seconds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    I always have an issue where after a webpage loads, the whole card will be white, but then when you scroll down you will see the rest of the page show up, then when you scroll back up, the top of the page shows up. It's very annoying, and has happened for since 1.4.
    +1 really annoying
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    Best way to see it is to load up the engadet app, you should be able to see it during the black loading screen.
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    this was caused by the 4x4 launcher patch for me (i think version 3?). I noticed it as soon as I added it, and it went away as soon as I removed it.
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