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    I've used a Verizon BB curve (forget the exact model) for a couple of years and it's been a TANK of a phone but I've always kind of lusted after a nifty iphone like touch screen deal and better multimedia. I fooled with the pre and found it close enough so I upgraded.

    It was between the Storm and the Pre so I hope I made the right choice. The Storm was just a little too brick-like for me and no pinch/zoom.

    So far I like it but I really depend on my email and phone for work so I hope it holds up.

    Battery life SUCKS though. (BB went for DAYS...) It may be because it's new and I'm fooling with it a lot.

    So what's with the 800mhz deal? Does it help the checkerboard problem on the browser any or should a casual guy like me just leave well enough alone?

    Oh yea, webos with the "cards" is just awesome. It's a little strange coming from a BB but my 11 year old kid had it down in nothing flat. That's saying a lot about the OS.

    So, are there any bigger batteries that work with the touchstone and what cases are you guys using?

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    Congrats on the new phone!

    Yes the battery life will get better as you use it, but if you need the phone to last longer there are several larger battery options available...all the way up to a 2600 and 3800 sizes that will last you for days.

    I've used BB for work and yes, they do have the best email service out there - but that's it. No matter what they do, their OS is simply getting to be very 'dated' (IMHO). I use an Exchange server for my work email, so I get push email on my Pre just like my old BB.

    The 800MHz patch does indeed take care of the 'checkerboard' issue you asked about. It is an amazing add-on to the Pre and makes these things load apps at fantastic speeds. My personal favorite is the 720MHz patch as I think this it the 'sweet spot' of this phone for balancing speed and battery performance. But now with the .ipk release of the patches, the 800 may be back as the leader for me.
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    I work in a university IT office and we have pretty even representation from the different smartphones and I think WebOS is far superior to BB's. Forgot Service Books, Host Routing Tables, BDM, and apps that don't close unless you hit the Menu key and choose to close 'em. I aggree that the battery leaves much to be desired, therefore I use a Seidio 2600 mAH extended battery and I love it (especially because it adds bulk which gives the device a solid feel). The extended battery is not natively compatible with the Touchstone, but can be modified with the instructions in these forums. As for overclocking... the TI OMAP3 processor has a standard frequency of 600mHZ which is underclocked by Palm to 500 mHZ to improve battery life, scaling to 600mHZ for 3D gaming. The 800 mHZ is the maximum frequency acheived before the IO buffer can't keep up thereby preventing additional benefits posibly gained. The improvements are noticeable as photos load faster and webpages do render quicker (the checkerboards indicate image rendering is still ongoing). I notice the improvement the most when playing my Visual Boy Advance (Gameboy Advance Emulator) as the keeps were sluggish before are now extremely playable. I would only recommend Overclocking when you become more comfortable with patching your phone and homebrewing, but it is worthwhile and the benefits outweigh the risks. I hope you learn your phone well and enjoy it... especially since you don't have to pay an extra $15 to have BES access and sync contacts and calanders.
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    Thanks guys! I'll look into the 2600 battery and the mods to make it work with the touchstone.

    If overclocking isn't that involved I may give it a try. I'm pretty handy and good at following instructions. I used to run Redhat on my PC years ago so I'm a little familiar with OS tinkering... Been a while though...
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    Welcome T-Minus!

    I have a few friends holding on to their blackberries and hating it, so welcome to a whole new world of smartphone.

    Yes, battery life does suck. But it's actually not that much worse than the iphone. I work with a lot of iPhone people and on a heavy day of work, they line up to plug their phone into the wall too. I hear some people have a touchstone at work and at home. Personaly, on the days when I know I'm going to be using it a lot, I bring my extended battery and that easily gets me through a day and a half. And no it doesn't work with the touchstone but it's still worth it to have one around.

    I know, the blackberry is the king of battery life, but if you want into the Android, iPhone, Pre world, you can kiss 3 day battery life goodbye.

    And yes, the 800 mhz patch makes EVERYTHING faster. And it's safe. I've been using it with the latest 1.4.1 patch and it is worth it!!!!!

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    Just downloaded the quickinstall. I may fool with it this weekend.

    Command line tinkering with my phone sounds creepy...
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    I use the standard battery and it sucks. I do make use of a spare Centro battery from time to time. They work in my Pre, but I'm afraid to use it too much...
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    The battery life on the storm actually is not great from what I hear. Luckily for us Pre owners each new webOS firmware update has actually extended battery life a little bit at a time.

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