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    Followed all the instructions to a T

    1) developer mode
    2) install using WOQI - used the 800hz file
    3) did a hard reset

    went into WOQI and typed in the code to see what I am running at ...

    it returned: 600000

    why the heck is it running at 600000 when i installed the 800hz file ??????????

    PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!
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    I checked device management - it says the 800mhz kernal is installed

    So I will donate if anyone can tell me why it says its only running at 600000 instead of 800000 and show me how to get it running at 800

    first come first serve 5$
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    ?????? no1 wants free money?
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    1.uninstall the ipk patch
    2. start out a fresh right, install the patch, its a bit more tricky to install, boot and all programs OS at 800 MHz
    Download link: boot at 800MHz and runs all OS programs at 720 MHz

    Download link:

    Use WOSQI Tools - In Linux Command Line, write

    A: INSTALL sh.
    sh /var/home/root/ install

    (installs 720 kernel)

    or alternatively write


    sh /var/home/root/ install

    (installs 800 kernel)

    Uninstall procedure:
    Use WOSQI Tools - In Linux Command Line, write

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall

    (720 MHz kernel)

    Or alternatively write


    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall

    (800 MHz kernel)

    3. when you have installed which ever patch you want, uninstall the patch, restart, and then install the 800kbs.ipk file, it should install this time.
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    wasn't there a shell script you had to execute? Sorry, just guessing here. I don't actually have the patch, but I did read about it when it came out. Not sure if they eliminated that process or not.
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    is it possible you still have the 600 mhz patch installed? or that you have a scaling script running that sets the max to 600?

    did you do the time_in_state command, and all the other commands to double check?
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    i dnt want your money lol, just here to help

    oh and make sure you install a temperature patch:
    [patch] Device Temperature Warnings, or look in preware - patches

    heres the link for the 800hz.ipk patch -

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