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    Ok, so my phone recently updated while I was asleep. Everything works fine but I lost the ability to watch videos on the web. I had the iPhone spoof installed before and it worked great! No issue at all. Now, I just tried to visit ESPN and watch a video, I click the video and nothing happens. Tried other sites as well, nothing happens. All links work except vid links. With that being said, youtube videos are the only ones that work.

    I have un-installed the spoof and tried to reinstall..does not help. I also tired with no spoof installed, no help. Did a complete erase of my phone, Dr'd it and reinstalled all my patches and preware...that all works fine. It's just the damn web...any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    your not on a company wifi are u...cause if i use the wifi at work some sites/pages etc dont load due to company policy blah blah....i just went to espn mobile home page and watched the tiger woods clip so for about 5min i thought flash was working but nope it was html5 i think.
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    that's the clip I tried to watch plus the basketball clip ...not on wifi thx

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