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    I know i'm probably missing something obvious, but how do you end only one call so you can return back to the original call?

    I'm on a call and someone else calls in. I answer the new call - so it places the first call on hold. When I want to end the second call and return to the original I only see "End all calls". I can go to the first caller by placing the 2nd on hold, but I don't see a way to terminate only one of the calls.
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    You're on Sprint, I'm sure. Unfortunately because of limitations of CDMA, you are unable to end one call. You must end them both or just have one person hang up.
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    wow....cdma sucks. Well, at least this solidifies that i'd never pay Verizon their crazy high rates for such a sub-par standard. Hopefully Tmobile will come out with the Pre or iPhone soon. Thanks for the response though!
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    I agree that is sux.. but it's a limitation of CDMA... and about the only thing I miss about the AT&T (GSM) network.

    BTW... everyone visit this thread today and help the celebration!

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