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    Palm need to put their mean face on and play ball already
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    Wow. Palm you should hire fernandez21.
    You nailed every aspect of what's missing now.
    I think they should also stop playing nice and start coming up with incentives of why developers should develop for WebOS. Offer them bigger split than Apple does now.
    Advertise more open platform than Apple's extremely closed platform. Apple makes fun of PSP and other gaming platforms, so make fun of Apple's shortcomings.
    New Hardware is definitely needed. I would go as far as to say that they need to allow direct access to hardware as well.

    But main issue is Apps and not 150,000 of mostly useless garbage but good apps. Once developers see the benefits of WebOS maybe they will switch.
    also put "switcher's package" together that will show how easy it is to port applications over from iPhone, offer developers discounts or free membership. If they bring a good app from iphone to webos, waive their fees, give them free advertising, etc.

    As we saw today, iphone OS4 is not the holy grail that was swirling around so there is a big opening for Palm and Others.
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    Don't forget the mic API!
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