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    I need the 800hz .ipk - WHO can email it to me? can't access b/c of work firewall

    PLEASE if you can download the 800 mhz .ipk from here:

    download it and email it to:


    I can't access it b/c of my work firewall (file storage site)

    PLEASE someone ? it will take you 1 second.
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    cmon someone ?
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    couldnt wait to get home apparently.

    on its way
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    I don't even have a laptop or computer at home (my HP fried 3 months ago)

    im saving up to buy a laptop soon.... times are tough.

    so all i got right now is my work computer -- and my palm pre -- but I can't dl this thing on either ...

    thanks alot bro
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    Just downloaded it with my Pre
    Install Terminal (or Terminus)
    Run it
    now type:

    cd /media/internal/
    wget -O com.unixpsycho.webos141_800MHzkernel_armv7.ipk

    There you go, you got the file downloaded to your usb partition, connect your Pre to your machine and install it.

    Or... use ipkg if you're brave

    Who does need an extra computer if you have a Palm Pre?

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