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    Do you think Palm should create a Palm Desktop web based interface? In a nutshell it would be like the Palm Desktop but only accessible via the web. Similar to web based email services: hotmail and google. However this would include memos, tasks, calendar, contacts, etc. Any info edited/updated would automatically sync to the headset and vice versa.
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    I'd prefer a desktop application that syncs with the cloud so that the info is available offline on my laptop as well as the pre. Maybe both options are good
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    I use google for my Caldendar/contact needs
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    I agree with Starbuckk, Palm would really make me happy if they would make a Desktop app that syncs to the cloud.
    I would settle for easy syncing with ical.
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    I want to be free from the desktop, and don't want to sync to the desktop.
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    hell yeah! Anyone ever use microsoft myphone service? It's great, palm should emulate it.
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    I voted no, not because I don't want to use it, but because I don't want Palm to be distracted from making better smartphone improvements.

    What I really want to see is a WebOS device that is either 480x640, or 480x960 screen. or maybe even 320x960. Basically 2 or 3 card size screen. Then have the ability to show multiple cards on the screen at the same time. If people want, they can expand a single card to a full view. I think iPad is too big. For that size, someone else can make a much more powerful device. For WebOS, a 2 to 3 card size device means pretty much the same internal, maybe a more memory and a better graphic accelerator, but have room for bigger batteries. 2 batteries like iPad is a good idea, because then we can switch batteries without having to reset the device.
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    I think i'd be really cool. + would put a lot of people at ease over the backing up to the cloud thing (losing data is scrry). I'd love to see a list of all the apps I've downloaded + currently have running + be able to add/delete + organize from the site. I'd have to be in the fairly distant future for Palm, but really love the idea.
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    For someone like myself who uses 4 different contacts sources, 2 different types of email, and 6 Google Calendars (1 private, 5 public), plus two or three calendars from webOS apps, and then Facebook events and at times in the past an Exchange calendar, it would be great to see all of this combined in a second location other than my Pre.

    And since the apps on the Pre are already HTML, CSS, and Javascript, it seems like it wouldn't take all that much work to adapt to the bigger screen of a browser.

    I'm completely over desktop sync, but there are sometimes where it's easier to view things on a laptop than a phone. Having a companion Synergy-type webapp to plug into all my cloud data and combine it on my laptop would be perfect for those scenarios.
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    jhoff80 you are probably more in the minority of users than most, however you have incredible points that in my opinion make it a need more than a want.

    Hell yeah I want something, even if it's a web page I pull up and view from 'anywhere'.
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    I would even future and combine the desktop web interface or whatever they will call it, with the app catalog. Side note with google and most calendars you can export a file that will import to outlook, ical etc. Same thing applies to contacts. It's not like employees at Palm or whoever is responsible for managing their cloud doesn't already have some sort of user interface. We would need something similar. Kind of like xytech which my job uses. We have one type of simple interface but the folks that manage our inventory have an advanced version only accessible by them.
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    Forgot to add that since your accessing your palm profile via a web browser you could access your info anywhere.
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    wouldn't a web based palm desktop defeat the purpose of calling it "Palm Desktop?"
    Plus you can't sync through HTML5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanLipson View Post
    wouldn't a web based palm desktop defeat the purpose of calling it "Palm Desktop?"
    Plus you can't sync through HTML5.
    I don't want it to sync directly through the Pre. Doing that would be a step backwards. My data is already in many places all on the web. A Palm website to pull it all together, like the Pre does, would be great.
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    I just say palm deskstop so can get an idea of what the web only interface would function. There would be a desktop app. You would acces through a web browser just like accessing google docs.
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    as I posted earlier, microsoft has it all right (for once) look up their "myphone" feature if you're not familiar with it. You can access your calender, contacts, text messages, files, etc on line at any time, and it automatically backs up every night or manually if you prefer. It's basically the same as palm backup, except you can actually *see* and manipulate your data online rather than it disappearing into the invisible cloud that is palm desktop. I think that's what palm should do.

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