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    So I got a Verizon Pre Plus on the day they came out. I am growing increasingly frustrated with dropped letters and double letters. I was wondering if anyone knows of a fix or if I need to have my phone replaced.

    Please help
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    i don't want to sound like othr bashers here but there are a lot of threads that cover this

    i had the same issue with a pre + -- i turned it in for other issues and the new one has no problems -- take it back and make them exchange it -- some people claim that 1.4.1 will fix but i feel it is a hardware issue and the sooner you get it in the better for you
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    I've found that by striking the keys more firmly with my thumbnails, that the double letter business has almost completely stopped. I used to have it all the time and found it a bother, but I experimented with pushing on the keys more firmly using my thumbnails and discovered that the problem with double letters stopped. It may not work for everyone, and a software aid, including a spell-checker would be nice, but this has solved the issue for me.

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