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    The patch looks incredible, so therefore I want it. BUT... does it have to be installed on a clean OS? I would hate to have to set everything back up

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    I installed mine with all my apps and patches still applied. I did not do anything to prepare other than follow the instructions. It took me all of 10 minutes to get it installed.

    Funny thing is I had it installed prior to 1.4.1 (or whatever # we are on). Well that removed the 800 mhz patch. At first I thought I would just leave it as it. "It's not that slow" I said to myself...then about two days into it it..."Damit, I can't take it"...I had to reinstall it. Once you get it, you will be completely spoiled.
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    Great. Just what I wanted to hear.
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    just to put you at ease - i installed the 800 patch using the Sh file and the ipkg file later. i am not super savy and if you follow the instructions you should have an easy time of it --- my phone is super fast and has never heated up -

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    Did it with the sh file. Fan-fcking-tastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    Did it with the sh file. Fan-fcking-tastic.
    same here

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