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    Are you satisfied with the calendar, task, and contacts app on the pre? Of the three I like contacts the best. Although a patch is required to export all via vcard and birthdays don't show up in calendar. But contacts make it easy to add to existing records. Directions defaulted to sprint nav is an excellent touch. I just wish more options were put into task and calendar. Changing existing events is unnecassarily difficult without a month view screen detailing days of the week (was avail in palm os)
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    Honestly, I don't use Tasks myself as anything more than a simple "To-do list" so the current Tasks app is perfect for my needs.

    But yeah, I wouldn't mind a lot more work being done on the calendar. Don't get me wrong, it's been improved greatly from the initial release. The speed of the original version was bordering on un-usable, and it's much better now.

    But I'm hoping that they're not done working on it, because it's not perfect by any means. There's a bunch of features business users still need (sending meeting requests is still impossible, I believe), as well as just some stuff that could use some tweaks and modifications.

    Personally, if I was in charge at Palm, I'd just outright hire the Agenda developer, and incorporate that as a view in the stock calendar. The date picker needs a lot of work. Syncing calendars still isn't perfect (see my post on that here). It'd be nice to be able to set alerts and notifications on public calendars. Birthdays should be shown on the calendar as an option in the contacts app - I shouldn't need a Facebook app and a third-party webOS app to do that.

    But even still, I prefer it by far to the competition's PIM applications. I was already moving to the cloud; Palm just took advantage of what I was already doing.

    Though, as I tweeted earlier, I wouldn't mind if Palm created a Synergy website, as part of the Palm Profile, that would act as a desktop counterpart for my Pre, with all of my integrated contacts, calendar, and email there as well.
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    It's funny you mention the "synergy website". I and others have brought that same idea up in previous posts. A Palm desktop web client would be a game changer IMO. When you access or edit your info via palm profile website the info on the web would automatically sync. It's not like palm doesn't have everyones data on the palm profile anyway. It shouldn't be too difficult to create a bare bones user web interface. And god forbid NO ads! We need Jon Rubenstein (CEO) email address.
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    I recall my addiction to 'whatzup' in palmOS for 10 years. It is a very simple and efficient program combining 'to do' and 'schedule' in one single screen. Push the up button, the date will cycle from 7 days, week,month. Push the down button, the categories cycle(include all cat).
    I want more buttons on my pre!

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