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  • I'm on my 1st pre and proud!!!!

    663 84.46%
  • I had a REALLY bad one, but since the new batch..I haven't considered sending it back

    38 4.84%
  • I've had a few over the past few months but I think this is the ONE for me now!!

    61 7.77%
  • I want my hardware to be 100%...even 99.9% is unsatisfactory

    23 2.93%
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    Quote Originally Posted by paholland View Post
    I bought my Pre the first day they were available. I have not had any problems with it and I love it! One of my co-workers (who has an iPhone) was checking out my Pre last week and commented that he was going to have to get one! Wonder how many converts there are
    lmao awesome first post.
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    1st pre, had since June '09. Power button soft after a drop, but still works. USB cover fell out rather quickly and there is some chipped away plastic around the USB port so I can see a little screw underneath the screen. As my colorful coworker would put it, "need to put some hair around it". I always have trouble getting the microUSB into the slot, especially in the dark.
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    I've had my pre since 2nd week it was out and it's still going strong. I had the "stuck in headset mode" issue but did as the forums said and cleaned it out with a q-tip and some alcohol and immidiately it worked great! (and all that nasty stuff that came out of it, yech). But I take very good care of my phone! My cell phones always look as good after two years as they did when I bought them. The Pre has been no different so far.

    I have friends who don't treat their phones well, including Pres, iPhones, etc... They leave them on the roof of their car and then back up, drop them into coffee, I've even had a friend drop their phone while texting and walking and step on it. All of them complained that the phones were not built well and blamed the phone. My wife drops her pixi once a week (including in some hot chocolate), somehow it still works! My point is that while sometimes it really is the manufacturer, sometimes it's just not being careful with a sensitive device and then blaming the wrong people.

    My 2 cents.
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    You don't provide enough options in your poll.
    I've left Palm due to the shoddy hardware, and many others have as well.
    Also, my girlfriend is on her first pre, but the power button no longer works... There isn't a section in your poll for people who are dissatisfied with their current pre.
    As well, people aren't exactly busting down doors for them either. Its too public how bad the hardware is. You have a GSM pre which is a "newer batch" than the original pre's. Out of my 5, i had a release day pre, which i traded in after a week for another new in box pre of the same time frame. I had 3 other refurbished ones after that which were of newer and older variety (determined by foam padding and button color). All felt cheap and had major slider issues.
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    I have a pre, mom has a Pre, and my nephew has a Pre, on family plan. My moms was from august, mine was from august, but I recently gave mine to my nephew, and I upgraged to a new Pre. All of our Pre's are still our originals! We all love our Pre's!
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    I am on a launch day Pre. It was missing the protective lens for the camera. Sprint never got me a new one, and by the time stock had settled, I didn't want to deal w/ risking getting a "bad" Pre.

    Now, just recently, it's starting to get more wobbly, and developing cracks on the sides. I don't think I can make it last another year, so I will probably use my 1yr Sprint Premiere in June. Either the EVO, or if Palm magically has something new.

    Speed has been an issue, and continues to get worse it seems. But functionality fell when I lost the google voice app. I use GV to have a pseudo 2nd line for business. It's frustrating to use w/o a real app, and Android might be my only choice to keep up with it unfortunately.

    That and I still haven't found a good way to stream video to my Pre. Orb is terrible compared to what I can do w/ an iPod touch.

    We shall see when June rolls around. I'm on my first Pre, but proud I am not. My brother's is in a little worse condition than mine, mostly the oreo effect is more prominent.
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    I'm still on my first Pre (almost 1 year now, purchased 2nd wk out) and no problems that weren't self-imposed. I"ve been running the 800Mhz patch scaling for almost 2 weeks now. I love the phone and I hope that Palm comes out with a new phone cause I'm ready to upgrade.
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    Bought my German Pre on launch day, no hardware issues, just runs great at 720 MHz for a week or two. Software problems are gone with 1.4.1
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    December 21 and NO problems hardware wise if doubletype is software
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    I'm on my launch week Pre. Installed BestSkinsEver since day 1. A couple drops, 800Mhz patch and still going good.
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    I am on my Launch Day Sprint Pre and it is not in the best shape (I have dropped it...flung it across the room accidentally) but it works great!! I am in disbelief that so many people have had issues with their phones, but I will not hate on yall. Instead I look at the numbers of this poll. 84% still on their first Pre is not the best percentage, but the real issue is this: People complain louder than they compliment.

    What I mean by this is that I will say that I am happy with my phone and people will say "OK now shut up". But if I complain about my phone, people will say "what is wrong, tell me more!!" That is why the news on TV is bad, because people don't care if other people are happy. But people want to know about the bad stuff. Case in point, the newspaper front page is always bad news and page 32 may have a feel good story.

    My point is that this is a great phone with some problems that are blown out of proportion due to the Internet, Blogs, and Tech Sites looking to make a "Story". I mean come on, this is not the RROD (by the way, I got the RROD and everything is all good now).

    You know what though, this community is great and everyone just wants to help out. I am not putting anyone down, but the situation is what it is. I hope Palm makes it and I support them because it is a great platform.
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    By the way, can anybody tell me why I should patch up from 720Mhz to 800Mhz? I am at 720Mhz and may want to go to 800!! Please let me know, anybody!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jescandalo View Post
    By the way, can anybody tell me why I should patch up from 720Mhz to 800Mhz? I am at 720Mhz and may want to go to 800!! Please let me know, anybody!!
    Because if you're anything like me, curiosity will get the best of you knowing that there is higher overclock out there. Knowing this I went straight to 800Mhz to avoid that curiosity. I understand this doesn't really answer your question if the difference between 720Mhz vs 800Mhz justify making the change, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I installed the highest available overclock... well until someone gets it up to 1GHz
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    I'm on my first pre, purchased in september 09. My USB cover cracked, and the area around is is cracked exposing a slight screw. There's also a crack on the upper left hand corner due to butterfingers, but otherwise it's been a pretty solid phone for me. I always thought I got lucky, but based on this poll it seems that a vocal minority shed the pre's hardware into a bad light. What a shame...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hparsons View Post
    How is putting up a poll "evangelizing"? Looks to me like he's trying to determiine whether or not his "gut feeling" is justified.
    Please tell me you're not sol dumb to think the poll wasn't loaded. Please? Others have commented as well.

    I've read the responses here and they don't dovetail with the poll at all.

    Stop evangelizing already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odd-Ball View Post
    Please tell me you're not sol dumb to think the poll wasn't loaded. Please? Others have commented as well.

    I've read the responses here and they don't dovetail with the poll at all.

    Stop evangelizing already.
    Yeah, it's conspiracy, that's it
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    1st Pre. Just lost the USB cover but not sweatin' it...Especially with the issues folks seem to be having with replacements. I'll stick it out until new HW comes out.
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    I am on my first Pre (ordered it the very night Verizon showed it in inventory). I have had overall good luck, but I have the repeating letter problem others reported. However Verizon's customer service is less than stellar and VZ wouldn't change my phone out for a "trivial problem" after my 30 days was up and sent me packing or buy a new one.
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    First pre here and going perfectly. Just one stuck pixel, only noticeable in boot screen, non visible on normal usage, and a small light coming from the case in very dark places(not sure if it's the bleeding some reported in the forums), and the phone works perfect. The latest 1.4.1 update was really an improvement in performance. Also it's just me, or anyone also notices that the phone feels a bit slow when an application is pending for update?. Doing the update gets the system again to it's full performance. At least it is what i feel.
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    Still on first Pre since October, now my slider starts to go oreo
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