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  • I'm on my 1st pre and proud!!!!

    663 84.46%
  • I had a REALLY bad one, but since the new batch..I haven't considered sending it back

    38 4.84%
  • I've had a few over the past few months but I think this is the ONE for me now!!

    61 7.77%
  • I want my hardware to be 100%...even 99.9% is unsatisfactory

    23 2.93%
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    Still have my Pre from last July! I did have a problem in August where the phone would restart if I slid the keyboard in too fast. It happened about 5 times, but hasn't it done it since then. I have dropped my Pre several times, the left upper-hand corner there is a little blemish from dropping it. Overall though, I have been VERY pleased with the hardware. I'm surprised it hasn't broke as most of the drops were on concrete
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    I am on my 1st Pre from the day of release on Sprint (waited in line for 8 hours) very 1st batch. My wife is on her orignal from August. I think you have all these "trollers" just trying to ruin Palm. I have never dropped my Pre, no oreo, no scratches, look and performs like new. I always slide open the Pre to open the USB door. I have a holster, and it is only pocked if nothing else is in my pocket. I take really good care of my electronics. Out of all these claims of hardware issues, How many are from accidents, or abuse of the hardware. By looking at the device, you can tell it cannot take much. I am getting really sick of hearing about the hardware!! This is a 1st Gen device. I think it works fine. I am sure that most was software related!!! Most people don't know about WebOSDoctor, even the provider techs. Now there are always room for improvements. Lets hope that Palm is listening about what people are looking for, and they have the money to do it.
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    I've also had mine since launch day on Sprint. 1 stuck pixel, barely noticeable and the slider twists a little bit but nothing to complain about. I feel sorry for those who have had such persistent major issues but this poll shows it's not the typical experience.
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    Mine is still going strong (mid June purchase), in spite of my having dropped it on concrete, gravel, rocks, and a few other hard surfaces. I have a usb crack, another crack near the bottom (from a fall), no usb cover, and a myriad of scratches from all the drops, but my keyboard, screen, and slider are all solid. Also, my pre is running great. Glass screen? Not for me, thanks!
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    I'm on my 4th pre now. My first pre I bought in june lasted until Jan. This year it had the slider problem and then battery would disconnect if closing slider to hard then the usb door broke off. Last the power button stop working.

    The 2nd pre proximity sensor didn't work and the slider was too tight.

    The 3rd pre keyboard lights didn't work at all.

    4th pre is the best ever. No issues. Hey might as well use the warranty before it ends.
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    5 months and still going strong on my first pre. Dropped it on the pavement twice with just some scratches on the edges....usb crack and no oreo.
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    my first pre made a clicking noise when I was talking on the phone. Both me and anyone I was talking with could hear it. That pre I got when it was released, this new one does not have any problems that I have seen.
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    Seriously why should i have to feel bad that i have changed my pre plus because i cannot type on it without it omitting letters or double or triple lettering i mean seriously why should i have to pay attention so close for omissions or additions!!!
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    I was number 2 at Best Buy on launch day, and it just keeps on ticking. After a few drops there is a tiny crack in the corner. I've patched and homebrewed to try to make it fit my needs and all is well. The lack of a good calendar (DB6) and Docs to Go has me considering a change in June, but I've been a Palm nut for so many years, I'm hoping that new apps resolve my (minor in the scheme of things, but major as far as productivity) complaints.
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    Two out of my three family members with the Pre are on our first. The one failure was the USB socket - internal solder connections failed.
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    First pre still, but I've only had it a month.
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    have had mine since the first couple of weeks of launch. very slight oreo when closed, none when opened. 1 pixel stuck, unnoticeable unless screen is all black. zero hardware issues. still very pleased.
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    I kind of lied by saying it was my first Pre, but no other option fit my case. I got a Pre June 19th or so, and a few days later the camera hardware died. Took it back and got a brand new one on June 28th. Since then I have had the same Pre. Almost time for a new phone though as I have scratched up the screen a little and have a chip missing from the edge of the top slider (all my fault, not hardware problems). Yeah the screen does move a little but it's not that bad, never been worth returning (although it became a little more noticeable after a drop).

    edit: wanted to add that my wife had gotten a Pre at the same time and returned it when i got my replacement back in June. Hers was a problem phone according to her, though I think she was just having a hard time adapting after years of Treos. She ended up getting the Palm Treo Pro.....she just recently got her 4th over the same nine months I have had my one Pre. Lets all keep clamoring for that HTC hardware though.
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    No oreo and still my first pre
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    Still on my first one...with a couple of drops.
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    1st Pre. Slider is fine too.

    Non-Plus, german, bought in October.

    4th Touchstone though. The 3 before that had the ding-dong charging problem (Fixable, there's a thread somewhere explaining how the induction coil is misplaced - but didn't bother to fix myself within warranty period). The 4th is working well.

    Best mobile computer IMHO - not bad as a phone either. ;-)
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    my phone is the best #1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odd-Ball View Post
    You're fed up with those that complain about a product that doesn't meet their expectations? Maybe you can provide a sound piece of hardware that holds up under normal usage. Mine doesn't.

    You sound an awful lot like someone that would rather stick their head in the sand and ignore the naysayers, those very people that also spent their hard earned $$ on a product that rarely works as designed.

    Again, I don't know which is worse, trolls or Evangelizers.
    How is putting up a poll "evangelizing"? Looks to me like he's trying to determiine whether or not his "gut feeling" is justified.
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    Still on my original PRE which was one of the first sold . I was on first online at my store in NJ and they opened early so I consider mine to be one of the earliest purchased and have had no problems really. The USB cover fell off and I do get the TMC problem once in a while but otherwise its been terriffic. Love the PRE. Not saying its better then any other phone just thats its a great phone.
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    I bought my Pre the first day they were available. I have not had any problems with it and I love it! One of my co-workers (who has an iPhone) was checking out my Pre last week and commented that he was going to have to get one! Wonder how many converts there are
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