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  • I'm on my 1st pre and proud!!!!

    663 84.46%
  • I had a REALLY bad one, but since the new batch..I haven't considered sending it back

    38 4.84%
  • I've had a few over the past few months but I think this is the ONE for me now!!

    61 7.77%
  • I want my hardware to be 100%...even 99.9% is unsatisfactory

    23 2.93%
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    I am on my first Pre, long time now still going well. I developed a small crack by the USB but with my protective case, and a paste i used over it, it has not worsen. My only problem with my Pre is that I hate the slider or the fragility of the hardware. Other than that no problems with my Pre. Love it..
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    Launch Pre here..... Stood in line to get mine!!!!

    Still going strong, no problems at all and my Pre is loaded with Preware, running @ 800MHz and faster than ever. I'm hoping to hold out for the next webOS device but let's see how long that will take. I would love an HTC device with webOS, that would be SWEET....

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    on my 4th! First one, touch screen started to fail intermittently,
    2nd one power switch broke, 3rd one: unbeleievable but the screws that keep it together fell out! It was crazy,they just fell out one at a time then the phone split in half. Very weird. All replacements covered under warranty. This 4th feels very solid tho! I even put a skin on it, I have so much faitth! I wish I could attach the pics of thw last one, screw holes-intact, but not sure how while on my pre
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    On my first Pre, bottom button is a bit flaky for minimizing cards, but that's because I've dropped it one too many times. Otherwise going strong since September.
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    Still on my first, got it in the second week they were out on Sprint. A little bit of Oreo going on, and a problem where if I use wired headphones the phone occasionally thinks I have a headset in after I unplug them, but no other issues and I just use my S9 headset so I never use that port.
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    Got my phone in week one of it's release on Sprint.

    I've dropped my phone multiple times. I have an extended battery but both the new backcover and old backcover are scratched up. Dropped the phone not only on regular carpet but also tile, concrete, rocks, hardwood floors. Nothing on the screen itself but the edges of the edges are scratched up.

    yet, I'm still on my original pre! No issues. Except for the one time I had the patch to ignore memory issues and unthrottled downloads...was donwloading a video while watching another video and listening to music...yeah. Phone crashed and refused to restart. But just doctored it and good as new :P
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    on my 3rd Pre. First developed the USB Crack and was replaced, that replacement had an issue with the Mic (callers couldn't hear me clearly) and so #2 was replaced. I only need #3 to last till the EVO comes out anyway, just wish it would run web os.
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    i'm on my 3rd and my wife is on her first (purchased in December)
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    I'm still on Pre #1 for me and mine just took a jump off a second story balcony onto pavement and hasn't had a problem. I beat the hell outta this thing and it's still working like a tank!

    Oh, and mine is from early August I think.
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    I got my pre back in september in Canada (so not too long after launch). Haven't had any problem since!!!
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    Still on my first Pre from July 2009 (and love it by the way).

    Had some oreo when I first got it, but I carefully bent the slider tabs within the first month I had it and that took care of the oreo, and it's still solid. Actually, bending the slider tabs and getting the Touchstone back were the two things that made the build quality feel of the phone go from "just ok" to "really good".

    I've had no other issues with the phone at all (USB door is still there, no cracks, power button works like when new, etc.).

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    Still on my 1st (Irish launch weekend) Pre.

    All fine except last week the slight oreo got a bit worse where now it kinda rocks back and forward so when I'm touching the screen I can feel it move. Slightly irritating, but not the end of the world.
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    I stood in line on Sprint release day, 06-06-2009. I have one of the first Pre's and it is still running fine. The slider has a bit more play than I would like, but it works fine. That is 10 months.
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    I have a 6/6/09 release pre, no problems. My son has a Sept 2009, no problem. My wife has a Dec 2009, no problem.
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    I am still on my first Pre that I got on launch day with Sprint. I have several things wrong with it though. I have a crack near the USB door and one on the bottom, right-hand corner below the gestures section. The ear piece and proximity sensor does not work anymore so I have to use speakerphone exclusively. Also, I can only listen to music/ system sounds when I have ear buds in. They do not play through the external speaker. As you can see, I've really had alot of hardware issues with mine, but I still love the fact that it is the first edition.

    I'm really holding out for either the Pre Plus from sprint (which will hopefully support being a WiFi hotspot) or the Pre 2.0 which is hopefully something like the EVO 4G!
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    Still first pre for me,,, 800 mhz,, June 7 and still have'nt dr. Yet... No usb door, oh well. To fix that next time you see a floor model pre at your favorite store, pop the usb door off. I learned more about cell phones with this phone and precentral than I ever thougt I could.
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    I have my pre I purchased on the release day on the Sprint network... The screen is a little scratched, the 'shiny' coating has worn off the little chrome ear bar thingy and the gesture button as well but other than that it is fine. I have beat it up fairly well too, dropping it a few times on hard floors and pavement. I do wish the screens were a little more scratch resistant.

    Love my Pre.
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    Got 5 on a Sprint family plan almost 2 months ago (free after Corporate discounts, and rebate). 3 or the 5 had to be replaced. Mine and my sons work great. One of my daughters had the mic go out and had to use BT headset until it was replaced. They said it was a known issue at the Sprint repair center. Then a week later my wife's had the same issue. My other daughters screen went out while on vacation. The touch still worked so she got good at knowing where to touch to answer the phone All were replaced and the new ones are working fine. I was surprised at the number of failures I had. But replacement was easy (repair center is only 15 min away).
    Hopefully the final replacements

    We had Palm Centro's before. I Love the Pre, it's so much better and runs fast with the 800Mhz patch (only on my phone). I plan on being on the Pre til a new better model comes out! We have 4G here so I'd love to see a 4G Pre.

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    First one. Patched, tweaked (800 MHZ WooHoo!!), apped out and still working like a champ. With the help of the members here I have never had a phone I loved so much.
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    I sent 6000 text messages and a couple hundred emails two months ago and literally wore out the keyboard (z,v,n keys wouldn't work at all. Orange key only worked sometimes.)

    Bell replaced it and this one's been humming along no problems yet.

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