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  • I'm on my 1st pre and proud!!!!

    663 84.46%
  • I had a REALLY bad one, but since the new batch..I haven't considered sending it back

    38 4.84%
  • I've had a few over the past few months but I think this is the ONE for me now!!

    61 7.77%
  • I want my hardware to be 100%...even 99.9% is unsatisfactory

    23 2.93%
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  1. arhoolie's Avatar
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    2nd Pre. The first one, purchased on launch day, had the slider closing crash issue. The second one's a little loose, but otherwise OK.
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    I still have my launch day Pre. I'm not rough with it, but I don't baby it, either.

    It's survived 3 or 4 drops.
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    I'm on my second Pre, but that's only because the first one fell victim to New Year's Eve. I haven't had any hardware problems on either one. No cracks, no oreo, no slider problems, no dead pixels.
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    My father and I both have our original Pres from mid October (and we're running patches too) with no real hardware complaints.

    And for those who don't like that they've had to replace their phones more than once just be thankful this isn't as bad as Motorola. My first cell phone was the Moto T720 and a few years later I had the Razr (both of which were the "height" of technology when they were released) don't ask how many times I had to replace them until Big Red just switched my phone. So let's count our blessings OK?
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    1st Pre! 8 months, 5 drops no problems. E few random restarts but nothing unmgbl.
  6. Ajamin24's Avatar
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    Well, im on a original sprint launch Pre. Still on same (small) battery and charging door is long gone. haha. I have even noticed a few dead pixels, nothing to go run and get a new pre about. I havent see the dis-coloration, but my Pre gets super HOT sometimes (im guessing its just like everyone else). bluetooth seems to add to the temp alot now. I dont recommend talking via bluetooth and using sprint nav.
  7. adam7425's Avatar
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    4 days after launch Pre here. Usb door is gone. Slight oreo effect comes and goes. Slider sticks depending on how hard I press down on it when I slide it open, but otherwise all is well. Advice I would give people is to treat ur pre like the jem that it is and stop manhandling it. All t needs is a gentle press or a delicate push to slide it open and you won't have to complain about the screen cracks or button breaks you've been experiencing.
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    I'm still on my launch day Sprint Pre. I love it, although it's on it's last legs. The silver rubbed off the earpiece and the center button, and the slider is wobbly as hell.
  9. JohnKern's Avatar
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    Original launch day Pre. Second Touchstone however.
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    on my original PRE.. Since July 2009..No Problemo here..
    love my Pre... & Sprint service from NY to Florida, to New Mexico & California & back many times...
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    I'm still on my first Pre, purchased back in August. After using mine briefly, both my parents decided to get one for themselves, and my brother who is on their family plan. My brother is still on his first. My parents however have not fared so well. My dad is on his 6th or 7th(!) and my mom is on number 3, I think.
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    Still on my Sprint Launch Day (6/6) Pre and it's in fairly good shape, although I just noticed a couple of days ago there's a curved crack in the screen that starts about mid-screen where the usb port is and arcs down to the bottom. It's not a surface crack, you can't feel it on top (I few other scratches on the screen that are on top you can feel), so this starts from the "bottom" of the screen, but so far isn't impacting anything. Keyboard is fine, slider is fine.

    I'll probably take it into the Sprint store here in Chicago in May to see if I can get them to replace it under warranty for the cracked screen, and if not then probably pop for the co-pay on the Assurance program to get it replaced (but not if its $100). I'm currently out of contract and Premier, so it only has to survive until:

    (a) Amazing new webOS Gen 2 hardware arrives
    (b) Evo 4G arrives

    Whichever comes first
    Sprint Palm Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laxidasical View Post
    I'm still on my first Pre...a launch party Pre at that!!! I've broken off the USB cover thingy, there is a small crack leading from that area towards the screen, and I have the "bubbles" under the screen problem in that area as well. However, it really doesn't look that bad and I've happy with the way it has been performing. As a matter of fact I've yet to doctor it, although I keep it patch free for development purposes.

    All that said, I'd much rather have a solid device void of issues like those mentioned above. I tend to baby it because I feel it's a bit flimsy (for lack of a better word). Hopefully the next Palm device will be of a much better build quality with much better materials. If the HTC buyout turns out to be true (which I doubt) there won't be any issues with hardware!
    Right on. I'm there with you, still have my first Pre, except I've had my Pre since August 1st (I remember it being a Saturday lol).

    My USB door cover somehow just came off on its own one evening when I pulled it out to charge it (imagine the time spent on my hands and knees looking for the little bugger). I just now developed a slight crack above the door and it appears to be getting longer towards the screen, but I hope it doesn't get as far as the screen. The screen itself is still 99% flawless. No bubbles, no discoloration, and only one little spot of a pixel loss, but it's in a corner and you can't even tell the majority of the time.

    I also don't have any patches, still using the stock 500 MHz, and it seems to be running just fine. I baby mine as well. I still keep it in the original pouch it came with. I didn't feel like having to deal with the screen protectors, and so far so good. There's only a few fiber scratches on the back, and you can't even tell unless held under DIRECT lighting. It still looks nearly brand new. No chips, no breaks, only one little nick of a scratch on the front (again, can't really tell unless under direct bright light, doesn't affect the screen at all).

    The one thing I do complain about is the "creakiness" of the phone. Typing and just talking on the phone causes the phone to click and creak when being squeezed ever-so-slightly, and at times the clicking is louder than someone who has a dumbphone with clicky keys. I'm assuming it has a lot to do with the back cover or with just the binding of plastic on plastic starting to warp or get worn out. It's kind of just like any old dumb phone that you've had for years; it eventually starts to feel old and begin creaking around the edges of the plastic.

    Other than that, still on my first Pre and still baby it like it will be my last. Great phone, just wish the hardware was not entirely plastic.
  14. drcrank's Avatar
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    I'm on my 4th Pre. My misery started in January, when my original Pre developed spiderweb cracks on the screen, coming out of the button. I bought insurance, but still had a $150 deductible. Ouch. I replaced it with a new one and thought that was the end of that. The new one's screen gave up touch ability after 1 week and nothing I did was able to resurrect it. Luckily, I was still able to dial using the keyboard while waiting for the replacement. The replacement worked okay as well for about another week or two until the power button broke. I waited for about 2 weeks to receive the replacement for that, since it came from a different place. Now I've got one that I've had for about the last 6 weeks and (knock wood) it seems to be going OK, no problems. But that was a month and a half of *** for me.
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    None of your poll options describe my experience. I'm on my second pre. The only thing that was wrong with the first one was that the headphones would cut in and out when the plug was bumped.
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    I'm on my third, but not because they suck. I totally screwed up my first pre the first week they were out (messing with the os files) and something happened where the web os doctor wouldn't restore it, so they gave me another one. A couple months ago, i finally had a drop that caused the touchscreen to stop working. I wasn't so sad, because sprint overnight-ed me another one and had it the next day and since the one before it was fairly scratched up, I was quite happy to start fresh again.

    The thing to remember is that sprint, at least so far, has been great at just replacing my phone. Also, with your palm profile, everything you had (minus pics, videos and music) transfer onto your new phone once you log in. The transition is very easy.
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    its not the box its the contents....even thou i use to like to play with the box when i was an i grew i learned to check whats inside.....palm will improve...glitches and finish will get better in time.....will someone please fix the charge door....thats one cheezy flap!!!!!!!!

    i'm on my first pre....both a gel case off of amazon for 12 bucks....
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    I am still on my first one and happy with it. I would like to get the Pre plus but it is not worth breaking my contract with Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doublebear View Post

    And for those who don't like that they've had to replace their phones more than once just be thankful this isn't as bad as Motorola. My first cell phone was the Moto T720 and a few years later I had the Razr (both of which were the "height" of technology when they were released) don't ask how many times I had to replace them until Big Red just switched my phone. So let's count our blessings OK?
    Funny that. I have a Razr, that never gave me a bit of trouble over the three years that it was used it as my primary phone, as my backup phone in case my Pre decides to call it a day.
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    I had my first one form July to March. Speaker failed tho.

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