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    It would be great if there was a way to mute all e-mail accounts (IE, at night) with one button rather than going into each individual account and setting the alert to mute. I'm looking for similar functionality as in Chatter on my Treo, where with one click you could silence e-mail alerts.

    Is this possible? And could one of our intrepid and hard-working patchers figure it out?

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    Yeah, I have to leave my phone ringer on at night because I have people working and there might be an emergency. Its rare but I need to be able to hear the phone at night. At the same time I don't need junk mail making noise when it arrives at 3am to wake me. I can't believe that you cannot set up the phone to not check for email at certain times. I have had this functionality with Snappermail all the way back to my Treo 300.

    My work around was to use Quick System Tasks. You can search for it here in the forums, Webosqi and Preware. Among other things, it has toggles that allow you to switch wifi and phone data off easily. My phone still rings but no incoming emails to make noise or vibrate at night. I just toggle them back on in the morning. It also has a setting to keep the lights off the phone while on the Touchstone.

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