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    I love the way alot of things function on my pre.

    For example:
    Somebody pushed me into a pool at a party, phone in pocket. Clearly the phone was ruined. While waiting for my phone replacement, i was still able to keep in touch with all of my contacts Via Google Voice because the pre backed up all of my numbers and contact info to my Google Account. Sweet! And once i got my phone back, I entered my pin number, loaded up my profile and bam, loaded all my apps, contacts, accounts, etc etc. No headache (except for activating the phone which for some reason took 20 minutes while over the phone with customer support)

    Another example: Multitasking
    ometimes i take for granted multi-tasking, but once in a while i step back and really appreciate how it allows me to complete tasks on my phone. Listening to Slacker radio, then I realize i need to make a reservation at a restaurant, and after texting my friend to tell em the reservation is on...come on, thats awesome.

    Another example: Gestures
    I personally love em. Once you get used to how they work, it makes the whole user experience flow seamlessly. Its so much more comfortable IMO to swipe up, left or right than pressing buttons. A friend of mine has an HTC phone with android and i was messing around with it. Upon opening an app, i found myself wanting to swipe up to reveal the launcher, or swipe back to go back to a previous screen. Thats when it hit me that the gestures are part of what makes the webOS UI feel so fluid.

    Thats my little rant on my love affair with webOS.

    P.S. I am watching the apple keynote and i see iPhone OS4 supports multitasking. According to what I've seen from the pictures, i believe webOS's solution is more eligant...and I'm a real avid apple fan (typing this from my macbook pro).
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