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    Anyone else having a problem with their news feed not updating? I can get everything else in the app to work fine but my news feed sat for over an hour trying to update but it just won't.

    I tried a restart.

    Then I tried an uninstall, reinstall.

    Neither worked
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    Clear your cache and cookies from your browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris_C3 View Post
    Clear your cache and cookies from your browser.
    Next, still not working.
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    Was that supposed to be a forum/computer nerd joke....every problem requires clearing cache and cookies and will fix the issue? LOL

    Having same problem here. FB Beta needs an update ASAP
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    go back to the regular fb app. This beta fb doesn't work properly,ive gotten friends request and I can't able to see it on the beta,and plus it has a bug of draining batt faster... So I've heard.
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    Same problem here! News feed stopped working Tuesday night
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    Mine is working just fine.
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    i have probs too with it, sometimes i cant access notifications, and sometimes when i do get them, they keep popping up, an obnoxious amount of times.
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    mine's working fine
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    mine seems to be working fine, I haven't had any problems at all. Might I suggest that you click on the support button within the program and email palm directly about your problem.
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    All is good here.
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    Given that the beta seems to be in a fairly frequent release schedule, perhaps posting the version of the FB beta you're running might help...
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    Facebook Beta 1.1.6 for me. 1.1.0 is still installed and working fine
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    I've had the refreshing problems off and on with all the beta versions including the latest 1.1.6. Somedays it works perfectly, other days the news feed wont load and my profile hardly ever refreshes properly
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    Im not able to upload pics through the beta since the update was released.
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    I can't download the app from the beta catalog. Download hangs.
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    Strange, but after 2 days it just started working again this morning???
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    Mine is working ok, but w/ plenty of bugs. has someone created an official thread to report bugs for Facebook Beta 1.6?

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    Mine isn't working either.

    I'm coming to the conclusion the Pre is practically worthless when it comes to an app for Facebook.....amazes me that such a good phone/operating system can't handle the simple task of loading facebook.

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