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    i have found my lost pre and i would like to use this one as a music player but because it was lost sprint took it off the network so i cant get past the palm profile login.... is there a way around this if so please help.
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    yea but at this step

    Grab current WebOS Doctor version for your specific carrier ... WebOS Doctor Versions
    wget -c

    it says file not found
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    You can find and download the file manually, then put it in the right directory.
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    ok whats the right directory?
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    and when i put it in the right directory do i skip that whole step?
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    Quote Originally Posted by diggsnicca View Post
    ok whats the right directory?
    I'm assuming you're using the instructions on this page:

    If so, it looks like you'll be putting the Doctor file in /meta-doctor/downloads/

    If you find the file yourself and put it in that directory, you can skip that wget command and move onto the next step (renaming the file).
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    it wont let me copy the file it says that the owner is root and i cannot acess it
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    this is the error i get when i try to move the doc to that folder
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    any ideas?

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