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    I'm on Sprint, phone left on, wifi left on, with no apps open. I lose about 30% while I sleep. This seems way too high for me. I'm checking mail once per hour on 4 accounts. Very few texts come in at night, if any. No overclocking. Bluetooth is off.

    Is the same thing happening to you?
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    No. I keep my phone on the charger at night right along with 99% of others. Was this while charging?
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    no, not charging. It was 100% when I went to bed, though.
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    some people have been reporting massive battery drain with the facebook beta app. Don't know if it is true but if you have it then maybe try taking it out.
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    you don't have to say that twice,never like it anyways.
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    hmmm, I have been using the FB app. Maybe tonight I'll do a restart before bed just to be sure.

    I'm a heavy user during the day and battery life sucks, so I wanted to see what it does when I'm not using it. 4-5% per hour of battery drain while sitting idle seems excessive to me. That is only 24 hrs. of standby time!
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    I would say it's not that bad. Most smartphones have a 20+% drop overnight, Happens to the best phone's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    you don't have to say that twice,never like it anyways.
    Say what twice?
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    Tony, you might try turning off Background Data Collection in Location Services.
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    don't know if app itself(fb) cause battery drain,,but for me I know webos alerts caused me serious drain. I did not want to believe app in general was causing drain
    ,i uninstalled it last night and today I am noticing better battery life. Then. Again,i could just be nuts,,lol
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    try using battery monitor.

    Idle, my phone on wifi will drain about less tha 2% ...
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    Lots of people have problem after ugrade to v1.4.1.1 , but base on my own experience flash 2 Pre using WebOS v1.4.1.1 sprint. one upgrade from v1.3.5.1 to v1.4.1.1 , other one upgrade from v1.4 to v1.4.1.1 , no self drain problem at all. I suggest people use WebOS doctor to upgrade firmware.

    I ever encounter self drain battery problem when using v1.3.5.1 , this occured after I use that firmware quite 2 months, so I think that this must be something I install lately, maybe the app or the patch. I do delete them, and stil this problem occured. Last, what i do is take off the battery, leave it couple of hours, and then put on it again. Everything back to normal. No self drain battery problem again.

    If everything normal. all application closed, but the phone still on, idle state, WiFi & bluetooth off., I only get 0,5%-1% drain each hour.
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    I actually have had better battery since 1.4.1,,until I used facebook app. I loved the app so much I did not want to admit it,,now that I have takeing it out,i have improved battery again.5 percent an hour with light use is pretty good.
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    My Pre's battery drainage at night is about 1%/hour, with WIFI on and no applications but the battery monitor open.
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    mine is about 11% an hour idle.. not doin anything... no matter what ive tryed..
    no FB apps.. everything just as it has been since forever.. and randomly a few weeks ago

    BAM...11% an hour

    sucks ultra bad..

    will doctor ina few days
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    i also notice more battery drain after the patch.. i hate it soo bad the doctor doesnt make a difference.... is there a way to stop this update from happning?.. im going back to 1.4 but it keeps forcing me to update >.<
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    My battery drain had been a little off for a bit (6-7% an hour total) post-, until a day or two ago. Last night I left it off the charger and only lost 15% total. I have the Facebook beta app and everything, but with very good (full bars) reception.

    Do you have a strong signal in your house? Poor reception could easily explain it, though I'm sure you've probably already thought of this.
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    I will probably just shut down at night. No big reason to leave it on anyway, but I just thought that kind of battery drain while idle was abnormal.
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    My drain was ok (off charger at 100%, 90% when I woke at 7am) but since I had the AP app notifying me, it drained it and tonight at 21:33, it's gone below 10%

    So I have deleted that app. I may as well just load the BBC or guardian websites on the web browser

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