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    first of all i had install the preware to palm, i install the "battrey precent icon"
    to top bar. after i restat the palm and when it get to springbord the top bar became to white. i could not see what in the top bar everything in top bar became to white. i tried to remove the patch from preware and it say "IPKG Log"
    i tried to erase the apps and date, it didn't succeed. after it i try the " serious full erase" but the top bar still white!! and now i cant do USB divice( the palm can not recognize the usb connected) , long type on lock bottom to restart.
    what i should do?
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    wow, why did you do a full erase? Your next step is to use webOS Doctor, this will erase everything off your pre and install original operating system like new. you will need to do the following:

    download WebOS doctor to your computer. you can google webos doctor and it should take you to a link. or is someone on here can send them the link i'm not able to get to it at the moment for some reason IT person here blocked (aholes)

    next once you've downloaded it on your computer you need to connect your pre to the computer using the usb cable and click: Orange + Sym + U at the same time, this will force pre to go into usb mode.

    then run webos doctor let it do it's thing and it should be back to normal.

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    ok i will try it!
    thank you very much!

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