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    Looking at the forums it appears a lot of peope had problems with time synchronisation (synchronization for our U.S. friends ).
    However, this should have been resolved in 1.4 (possibly even as early as 1.35) as the pre will automatically synchronise time from the web.

    The fact that time needs to be resynchronised regularly obviously indicates there is a fundemental problem with the pre clock. This has been circumvented by regularly synchronising the time.

    However, this leads to another problem in that if the pre fails to synch (due to loss of data connection) it raises an alert - Not the preferred method during the night! I have often been woken up by the pre only to be told it has once again failed to synchronise the time.

    As a workaround I am now using 'clock synch' application which does the same task but does not alert if it fails to connect to the internet.

    Is there anyway around the time sycnch issue so I dont have to use a third party application? Ideal solution would be to correct the pre clock so it doesnt lose/gain so much time. After all, you can buy a watch for less than 5 which is more accurate! Failing the ideal solution is there a way to allow the pre to synch but not alert me everytime it can not get the network time?

    It's almost a laughable that a device which costs so much can not even keep the right time for 24 hours without synchronising with the internet. I gain about 2 minutes every hour!
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    "Time sync - still a problem?"

    never had a problem with the wrong time, except when i turned off syncing with carrier net-time. a data connection is never required for this. when turned on, everything worked the way it was supposed to. also never was alarmed for a failed synchroni(s|z)ation
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    I get it all the time unfortunately. Tempted to log a call with palm. Get an offset of 10 to 20 secs in an hour sometime and a sound notification if synch fails

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