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    I have upgraded to OS 1.4.1 recently. Following the upgrade, WebOS Quick Install automatically upgraded most of my patches. There were a few it couldnt upgrade which I have managed to remove.

    However, when I try to remove 'add pages to launcher' patch I get an error message. Each time I chose the 'tweak' option, the system tries to upgrade but fails with attached error. This means I can not proceed further under the 'tweak' option as the Quick Install wants to upgrade all the patches before it allows me to install anymore.

    Anyone know what the attached means?
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    Oops - upload of file didnt work as it was Office 2k7. Now uploaded with a .DOC extension
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    i had a problem like that last night but mine was in preware and it said i had 9 updates available i hit update all and it did 6 of them and gave me an error i just closed out of preware rebooted phone went back in to preware and did the update all again and no prob.
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    I've used webOS OI since I got my pre back in July 2009 to install patches. I always uninstall the patches prior to an update. This past Sunday, I turned my pre on and there was an update of waiting. I ran EPR from QI to remove patches. Then I updated. Now I cannot install Select Alerts and Notifications for Contacts. When I try to install the patch through QI, I get the error that patch failed to install when trying to run /tmp/ The notification, alert, and messages under the System Sounds of the Sounds & Ringstones icon are still there but I cannot assign any tones to those three selections. I've run EPR 3 times and those are still there. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks to all of you that work on these problems.

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