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    Hi Guys

    Yesterday i doctored my Palm Pre Qwertz to a 1.4.1. with all german settings. For some reason my phone now isn't asking form my PIN anymore at startup. I put it in Aeoplane made and back out en it's the same. It doesn't ask for a PIN and registered on T-Mobile NL. Has anybody else experienced this?
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    there s a setting inside the phone setting, that make the pre remembering and using the pin automagically.

    i use this setting, as i used to suffer from strange random sim card restarts on some older webos versions.

    Telefon -> Einstellungen -> Netzwerk -> "SIM-Karte sperren" and i think it toggles to "SIM-Karte freigeben"

    if you lock it there, the device will ask again.
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    You mean the pin that you'd be forced to use if you use exchange server?

    If others confirm doctoring makes this go away...I'm so there...
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    Gnark, thanks. That did it for me! I had no idea this was a setting.
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    Or...just go with the Bypass Pin patch if you don't want to enter your Exchange password a million times a day...
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    no he ment the gsm sim card lock because that would usually pop up when reconnecting to the network.

    for the security policy enforced pin / password lock there is a patch

    (which i even patched myself, so it auto unlocks within an hour and locks when i switch it on 2 times in 3 secs... errr thats then like hitting windows-l on a windows workstation)

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